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1. JACKAL - A Safe Look In Mirrors
2. LIONSHEART - Lionsheart +1
3. LANCE OF THRILL - Thrill Show
4. JACKAL - Rise
5. KUNI - Masque
6. JUDAS PRIEST - '98 Live - Meltdown (2CD)
7. JOHN NORUM - Face The Truth
8. JAVAN - Somewhere In The Night
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10. LIONSHEART - Pride In Tact +1
11. JETBOY - Feel The Shake
12. JACKAL - Vague Visions

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  LIONSHEART - Lionsheart +1

1. Had Enough
2. World Of Pain
3. Ready Or Not
4. So Cold
5. Can't Believe
6. Portrait
7. Living In A Fantasy
8. Stealer
9. All I Need
10. Have Mercy
11. Going Down
12. Good Enough
13. In The Night (Bonus track)

Debut album by British hard rock band founded by former GRIM REAPER and ONSLAUGHT vocalist Steve Grimmett alongside identical twins Mark and Steve Owers (both ex-FURY, TOUCHE, AFTER HOURS). LIONSHEART soon impressed the industry with a superb set of demos, very much in the classic hard rock mould. The Owers twins quit the band, and former PASSION and KILLERS guitarist Nick Burr and ex-WITCHFINDER GENERAL bassist Zakk Bajjon were recruited. New line-up scored spectacular success in Japan with their first album.
Catalog Number:PCCY-00412
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Condition: M/M-/obi
Price:$ 29.99
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