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3. LANCE OF THRILL - Thrill Show
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  LANCE OF THRILL - Thrill Show


1. The Last Lie
2. One More Slice
3. Democracy
4. Greedy Hounds
5. Sister
6. Green For Green
7. Pale Rider
8. Toys (In My Mind)
9. Prowler
10. I Don't Know
11. Eyes

Debut album by Japanese melodic metal band. In 1993 highly talented guitarist Atsushi Yokozeki of BRONX repute recorded a solo album titled "Raid". The record featured a bunch of American heavy metal stars involved. That was the year when Yokozeki's name became known to the fans outside Japan. In 1994 he formed a highly rated act LANCE OF THRILL and the band, comprised of Atushi himself, vocalist Soichiro Dobashi, bassist Norio Toshiro (ex-ZIGGY) and drummer Toshihiro Niimi (ex-VOW WOW), debuted with "Thrill Show" album the same year. Although completely sung in English, the record became a classic of Japanese heavy metal and is still regarded as one of the best albums ever released by domestic artists. Follow-up, "Bottle Of Whiskey" appeared in 1996. Then Atsushi Yokozeki went solo and released several highly acclaimed albums.

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