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1. JACKAL - A Safe Look In Mirrors
2. JACKAL - Rise
3. LANCE OF THRILL - Thrill Show
4. KUNI - Masque
5. JUDAS PRIEST - '98 Live - Meltdown (2CD)
6. JAVAN - Somewhere In The Night
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9. LAAZ ROCKIT - Nothing$ $acred
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  LAAZ ROCKIT - Nothing$ $acred


1. In The Name Of The Father And The Gun...
2. Into The Asylum
3. Greed Machine
4. Too Far Gone
5. Curiosity Kills
6. Suicide City
7. The Enemy Within
8. Nobody's Child
9. Into The Asylum
10. Silence Is A Lie
11. Necropolis

5th album by American thrash metal act formed by vocalist Michael Coons and guitarist Aaron Jellum. It saw Coons and Jellum joined by bassist Scott Dominguez, guitarist Scott Sargeant and drummer Dave Chavarri. LAAZ ROCKIT changed their name after release of this album, issuing the next record "Fix" already as GACK.

Catalog Number:PCCY-00330
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Condition: M/M-/obi
Price:$ 49.99
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