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1. HOUSE OF LORDS - Demons Down
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3. HEART - Brigade +3 LTD
4. GACK - Fix
5. IRON MAIDEN - A Matter Of Life And Death
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11. HALFORD - Crucible +2
12. GOTTHARD - G +1

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  HALFORD - Crucible +2


1. Park Manor
2. Crucible
3. One Will
4. Betrayal
5. Handing Out Bullets
6. Hearts Of Darkness
7. Crystal
8. Heretic
9. Golgotha
10. Wrath Of God
11. Weaving Sorrow
12. Sun
13. Trail Of Tears
14. Rock The World Forever (Bonus track)
15. In The Morning (Bonus track)

Second album by vocalist Rob Halford's band. Fomer JUDAS PRIEST vocalist, Rob returned to the classic heavy metal style that he helped make famous on the "Resurrection", the album that garnered critical acclaim for its spectacular metal focus. On the follow-up to this monumental release he continues down the same path, as his assembled backing band is quite possibly one of the best on the scene in the early '00s, and his vocals are as focused and exceptional as they have ever been. Songs such as 'Betrayal' and 'Wrath Of God' highlight "Crucible", an album where Rob's signature falsetto wail is distinct and picture-perfect, while bandmates Pat Lachman, Mike Chlasciak, Bobby Jarzombek, and Ray Riendeau have seemingly topped their magnificent work on Halford's previous outing. "Crucible" keeps things fresh, as Rob himself states that he dared not retread on themes abundant on "Resurrection"; as a result, this is yet another classic metal album for the next generation.

(AMG Review)

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