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  YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - War To End All Wars +2


1. Prophet Of Doom
2. Crucify
3. Bad Reputation
4. Catch 22
5. Masquerade
6. Molto Arpeggiosa
7. Miracle Of Life
8. The Wizard
9. Preludium
10. Wild One
11. Tarot
12. Instru-mental Institution
13. War To End All Wars
14. Treasure From The East (Bonus track)
15. Requiem (Bonus track)

13th studio album by Swedish hard rock guitar viruoso. No, "War to End All Wars" isn't a MOLLY HATCHET album, the Frank Frazetta cover painting notwithstanding. It's Yngwie Malmsteen's 2000 album, which also finally gave Malmsteen's 1990s output a proper US reissue release at about the same time. The fleet-fingered Swedish guitar god plays all the electric and acoustic guitar parts on "War To End All Wars", of course, and he also plays bass and sitar. And, for better or worse, he writes all the lyrics. His supporting players include vocalist Mark Boals (EMPIRE, RING OF FIRE), keyboardist Mats Olausson, and drummer John Macaluso. "War To End All Wars" is packed with Malmsteen's jaw-dropping, neo-classical, light-speed guitar shredding, and the three instrumentals are arguably the best tracks. 'Molto Arpeggiosa' is the highlight and the track's foundation, oddly enough, is the rigidly spry bass riff; never fear, for Malmsteen quickly unleashes the rockets in his fingertips. His impossibly fast soloing on 'Preludium' and 'Instrumental Institution' is supported by the keyboards and drums. 'Prophet Of Doom' comes complete with QUEEN-like harmonies. The mid-tempo hard rocker 'Bad Reputation' includes Malmsteen's self-defensive lyrics. 'Masquerade' has a sleeker '80s-like feel and Malmsteen does as much riffing as soloing. The acoustic guitar-tinged 'Miracle Of Life', which seems inspired by his new life as a husband and father, has the broadest range of musical dynamics on the album. 'Wild One' is rooted in speed metal and the lyrics cleverly weave past Malmsteen song titles.

(AMG Review)

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