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  ENCORE - Free In Chaos


1. Final Word
2. Giner And Lime
3. Feet On The Ground
4. Guru
5. Free In Chaos
6. Decline
7. Sinwisdom
8. Marathon Design
9. Fundamentally Yours
10. Genius
11. Winter
12. 500 People
13. Aching Skin
14. Echoes
15. Outro

Sole album by Danish heavy metal outfit was actually planned as the fourth full-length release of JACKAL after vocalist Brian Rich was replaced in 1996 by Carsten Olsen, but the band had to change their name to ENCORE with new bass player Jesper Bang replacing Soren Johansen. "Free in Chaos" album so far featuring only two remaining original members of JACKAL, guitarist Benny Petersen and drummer Per Fisker, was issued in 1997. The album was produced by Eric Greif, who had also produced JACKAL's best-selling "Vague Visions". Although additional material was recorded with Greif in Copenhagen in 1999, the band folded after vocalist Carsten Olsen quit to become an airline pilot. 

Catalog Number:BLCK-85996
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Condition: M-/M/obi
Price:$ 24.99
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