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New releases
June 2024

Artist/Title/Cat. Number/Label/Release Date


  1. ALCEST - Les Chants de l'aurore GQCS-91470 Ward Records, 21.06.2024
  2. BLEED FOR PAIN - Kantan-no Yume +5 BTH-102 B.T.H. Records, 19.06.2024 (Sole album by Japanese hardcore act. First-ever CD release)
  3. BON JOVI - Forever +2 UICY-16225 Universal Music Japan, 07.06.2024 (Bonus tracks: That Was Then, This Is Now; Legendary [Demo])
  4. BON JOVI - Forever +2 (Deluxe Edition SHM-CD/Blu-ray) UICY-80487 Universal Music Japan, 07.06.2024 (Blu-ray Disc contains Legendary; Dawn Runway;
    Living on a Prayer; It's My Life HD music videos, documentary and more)
  5. BRIDEAR - Born Again IYT-104 YIT Records, 28.06.2024 (New album by Japanese all-girl HR/HM act produced by Fredrik Nordstrom. Featutes Nick Night of DREAM EVIL as a guest)
  6. CLASSLESS ACT - Welcome To The Show +5 MICP-11892 Marquee/Avalon, 19.06.2024 (Bonus tracks: Storm Before The Calm [Feat. DMC of RUN DMC]; All That Young Dudes
    Starman; Time To Bleed [Acoustic Version]; All That We Are [Acoustic Version])
  7. CROSSFAITH - Arc WPCL-13588 Warner Music Japan, 26.06.2024 (New album by Japanese metalcore band)
  8. CRYSTAL VIPER - The Silver Key +1 RBNCD-1399 Rubicon Music, 26.06.2024 (Bonus track: Feeling Is Strong (Jo's Song) [Acoustic Version])
  9. DARWIN - Five Steps On The Sun PCD-25396 P-Vine, 07.06.2024
  10. EMERGENCY RULE - The King Of Ithaca BITX-1320 Wormholedeath Japan, 28.06.2024 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  11. ETERNAL RETURNS - Hunchback Hatred BITX-1318 Wormholedeath Japan, 28.06.2024 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  12. FUROR GALLICO - Future To Come GQCS-91474 Ward Records, 14.06.2024
  13. GRAND SLAM - Hit The Ground Revised +2 RBNCD-1400 Rubicon Music, 26.06.2024 (Bonus tracks: Grand Slam; Dedication [Demo])
  14. GRAND SLAM - Wheel Of Fortune +1 RBNCD-1402 Rubicon Music, 26.06.2024 (Bonus track: Gods Of Thunder Of Wind And Of Rain)
  15. HIZAKI - The Zodiac Sign MICL-20008 Marquee/Avalon, 12.06.2024 (Solo album by VERSAILLES / JUPITER guitar lady)
  16. HIZAKI - The Zodiac Sign (LTD Edition CD/DVD) MIZL-60002 Marquee/Avalon, 12.06.2024 (same as above plus bonus DVD "Demonstration Of The Zodiac Sign")
  17. HOW WE END - How We End GQCS-91463 Ward Records, 28.06.2024
  18. ISSA - Another World +1 MICP-11884 Marquee/Avalon, 07.06.2024 (Bonus track: Another World [Acoustic Version])
  19. KIYO THE GUT GUITAR - The Psyche +5 BTH-103 B.T.H. Records, 19.06.2024 (Solo album by Japanese heavy metal SILVERBACK band's guitarist. First-ever CD release)
  20. KNIGHTS OF THE REALM - Darker Than Leather +2 KICP-94071 King Records/Nexus, 26.06.2024 (Bonus track: Bound By Blood; Helldriver)
  21. LIV MOON - Circle Of Life WLKR-0092 Walkure Records, 19.06.2024
  22. LIV MOON - Circle Of Life [Deluxe Edition CD/DVD] WLKR-0091 Walkure Records, 19.06.2024 (with bonus DVD feat. Black Poison (Official Bootleg Live);
    Brilliant Leaves Tour Behind The Stage; Members Interview and more)
  23. MAT SINNER - Back To The Bullet +1 MTVB-1023 Metal-Vybe/AFM, 19.06.2024 (Bonus track: She's Got The Look)
  24. MYSTERY - Mind Pollution +2 RBNCD-1401 Rubicon Music, 26.06.2024 (Bonus tracks: Rock Revolution; Tear Down The Walls)
  25. NEW HORIZON - Conquerors +1 MICP-11883 Marquee/Avalon, 14.06.2024 (Bonus track: Apollo [Acoustic Version])
  26. NIGHT LASER - Call Me What You Want +1 KICP-94072 King Records/Nexus, 26.06.2024 (Bonus track: Laser Train [First Mix Version])
  27. NIGHTRAGE - Remains Of A Dead World +1 IUCP-16369 Spiritual Beast, 05.06.2024 (Bonus track: Beneath The Realm Of Agony)
  28. NO-NE - Daysiland BITX-1321 Wormholedeath Japan, 28.06.2024 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  29. RICK EMMETT - Then Again... +2 RBNCD-1397 Rubicon, 05.06.2024 (Bonus tracks: Blinding Light Show [Live 2012]; Somebody?s Out There/24 Hours A Day/Say Goodbye [Live 2005])
  30. SEVEN SPIRES - A Fortress Called Home +1 GQCS-91475 Ward Records, 21.06.2024 (Bonus track: House Of Lies [Acoustic Version])
  31. SINNER - Tequila Suicide +3 MTVB-1020 Metal-Vybe/AFM, 19.06.2024 (Bonus tracks: House Of Rock; Monday Morning; I Am)
  32. SINNER - Touch Of Sin 2 MTVB-1021 Metal-Vybe/AFM, 19.06.2024
  33. SINNER - One Bullet Left MTVB-1022 Metal-Vybe/AFM, 19.06.2024
  34. STRATUZ - Osculum Pacis BITX-1317 Wormholedeath Japan, 28.06.2024 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  35. SUMAC - The Healer +1 DYMC-415 Daymare Records, 19.06.2024 (Bonus track: World Of Light - Reprise)
  36. SUNBURST - Manifesto (2CD) BKMY-1139 Bickee Music, 21.06.2024 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  37. SUNBOMB - Light Up The Sky +1 MICP-11886 Marquee/Avalon, 28.06.2024 (Bonus tracks: Where We Belong [Acoustic Version])
  38. SYMAKIA - Project 11: The Landing BITX-1319 Wormholedeath Japan, 28.06.2024 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  39. TEMPT - Tempt +2 MICP-11893 Marquee/Avalon, 19.06.2024 (Bonus tracks: Hot Summer Dreams; We Will Rock You)
  40. UMBRA VITAE - Light of Death +2 DYMC-414 Daymare Records, 05.06.2024 (Bonus tracks: Belief 2.0 [No More Magic Remix]; Absence [Stomach Earth Remix])
  41. UNCLE ACID & THE DEADBEATS - Nell' Ora Blu QATE-10147 Trooper, 12.06.2024
  42. UNPROCESSED - And Everything In Between +1 MICP-11877 Marquee/Avalon, 05.06.2024 (Bonus track: Purgatory)
  43. VANDEN PLAS - The Empyrean Equation Of The Long Lost Things +1 RBNCD-1398 Rubicon Music, 12.06.2024 (Bonus track: They Call Me God [Acoustic Version])
  44. VOICE OF BACEPROT - Retas +2 PCD-25397 P-Vine, 07.06.2024 (Bonus tracks: God, Allow Me (Please) to Play Music [Live in Jakarta]; Enter Sandman)
  45. VOODOO CIRCLE - Locked & Loaded MTVB-1024 Metal-Vybe/AFM, 19.06.2024
  46. XENERIS - Eternal Rising +1 GQCS-91471 Ward Records, 14.06.2024 (Bonus track: Equinox [Orchestral Version])


































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