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New releases
January 2023

Artist/Title/Cat. Number/Label/Release Date


  1. ARCTIC RAIN - Unity +1 MICP-11765 Marquee/Avalon, 27.01.2023 (Bonus track: Laughing In The Rain [Acoustic Version])
  2. BEYOND THE BLACK - s/t +3 GQCS-91276 Ward, 13.01.2023 (Bonus tracks: I Remember Dying (Stranger Reprise); Wide Awake [PianoVersion]; Raise Your Head [String Version])
  3. CROWNE - Operation Phoenix +1 MICP-11763 Marquee/Avalon, 27.01.2023 (Bonus track: Super Trouper [Acoustic Version])
  4. DALI VAN GOGH - New Blood, Old Wounds BITX-1232 Wormholedeath Japan, 25.01.2023 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  5. DEOS - Furor Belli BITX-1235 Wormholedeath Japan, 25.01.2023 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  6. DREAM THEATER - Lost Not Forgotten Archives: Live At Madison Square Garden 2010 (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31580 Sony Music Japan, 11.01.2023
  7. ELECTRIC MOB - 2 Make U Cry & Dance +1 MICP-11745 Marquee/Avalon, 27.01.2023 (Bonus track: Watch Me (I'm Today's News) [Alternate Version])
  8. THE END A.D. - It's All In Your Head BITX-1236 Wormholedeath Japan, 25.01.2023 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  9. ENEMY OF THE ENEMY - The Last Dance BITX-1233 Wormholedeath Japan, 25.01.2023 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  10. HEMLOCK - Hemlock +1 WSBAC-0152 Wasabi Records, 25.01.2023 (Bonus track: Beggar Man. LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve CD, newly remastered)
  11. IGGY POP - Every Loser WPCR-18578 Warner Music Japan, 18.01.2023
  12. ISSA - Lights Of Japan +1 MICP-11757 Marquee/Avalon, 20.01.2023 (Bonus track: I Give My Heart [Acoustic Version])
  13. KANSAS - Another Fork In The Road: 50 Years Of Kansas (3 Blu-spec CD) SICP-31596/8 Sony Music Japan, 25.01.2023
  14. KATATONIA - Sky Void Of Stars GQCS-91277 Ward Records, 20.01.2023
  15. ONMYO-ZA - 龍凰童子 (Dragon Phoenix Boy) KICS-4092 Nexus/King Records, 18.01.2023 (16th studio album from Japanese Heavy Metal/Folk Metal stars)
  16. THE PRIVATEER - Kingdom Of Exiles GQCS-91272 Ward Records, 20.01.2023
  17. RONNIE ROMERO - Raised On Heavy Radio +2 GQCS-91278 Ward Records, 27.01.2023 (Bonus tracks: No More Tears [Alternate Solo Version]; Turbo Lover [Alternate Solo Version])
  18. SILVER BULLET - Shadowfall +4 GQCS-91273 Ward Records, 20.01.2023 (Bonus tracks: My Enemy; Night Crawler; Screaming Eternally; The Visitor)
  19. STEVE VAI - Vai/Gash +1 (Blu-spec CD) SICX-30162 Sony Music Japan, 25.01.2023
  20. SUASION - The Infinite GQCS-91275 Ward Records, 27.01.2023
  21. TEN - Something Wicked This Way Comes +1 MICP-11758 Marquee/Avalon, 20.01.2023 (Bonus track: New Found Hope [Acoustic Version])
  22. THIN LIZZY - Live And Dangerous. 45th Anniversary Edition (8SHM-CD) UICY-80220 Universal Japan, 20.01.2023 (LTD Edition Box Set)
  23. THIN LIZZY - Live. 40th Anniversary Edition (2SHM-CD) UICY-16141/2 Universal Japan, 20.01.2023
  24. TWILIGHT FORCE - At The Heart Of Wintervale GQCS-91274 Ward Records, 20.01.2023
  25. URIAH HEEP - Chaos & Colour +1 MICP-11761 Marquee/Avalon, 25.01.2023 (Mini-LP sleeve. Bonus track: Save Me Tonight [Demo])
  26. WARHORSE - Warhorse +5 (SHM-CD) BELLE-233778 Belle Antique, 25.01.2023
    (Bonus tracks: Miss Jane (Demo); Solitude (Live); Woman of the Devil (Live); Burning (Live). LTD Edition Mini-LP CD)
  27. WARHORSE - Red Sea +6 (SHM-CD) BELLE-233779 Belle Antique, 25.01.2023
    (Bonus tracks: Ritual (Live); Bad Time (Demo); She Was My Friend (Demo); Gypsy Dancer (Demo); House of Dolls (Demo); Standing Right Behind You (Demo) . LTD Edition Mini-LP CD)
  28. WOLF - Mal Camino BITX-1231 Wormholedeath Japan, 25.01.2023 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)




























  January 2023 - Product list

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