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New releases
December 2022

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  1. AUTUMN'S CHILD - Starflower +1 MICP-11750 Marquee/Avalon, 11.12.2022 (Bonus track: When It's Christmas)
  2. BANGKOK - Madness BITX-1226 Wormholedeath Japan, 28.12.2022 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  3. BARK - Rambler Of Aeons +1 GQCS-91264 Ward Records, 16.12.2022 (Bonus track: Invisible People)
  4. BLACK PAISLEY - Human Nature BKMY-1126 Bickee Music, 14.12.2022 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  5. BLACK VIOLENCE - Extinction Control BITX-1227 Wormholedeath Japan, 28.12.2022 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  6. COLOSSEUM - Those Who Are About To Die Salute You +3 BELLE-233766 Belle Antique, 20.12.2022
    (Bonus tracks: I Canít Live Without You; In the Heat of the Night; Those About to Die [Demo]. LTD Edition Mini-LP SHM-CD)
  7. COLOSSEUM - Valentyne Suite +1 / The Grass Is Greener (2CD) BELLE-233767/68 Belle Antique, 20.12.2022
    (Bonus track: Tell Me Now. LTD Edition Mini-LP 2CD (SHM-CD+CD)
  8. COLOSSEUM - Daughter Of Time +3 BELLE-233769 Belle Antique, 20.12.2022
    (Bonus tracks: Bring Out Your Dead [Demo]; Jumping off the Sun [Chris Farlowe Vocal]; The Pirateís Dream. LTD Edition Mini-LP SHM-CD)
  9. COLOSSEUM - Colosseum Live (2CD) BELLE-233770/71 Belle Antique, 20.12.2022 (LTD Edition Mini-LP 2SHM-CD)
  10. CYROX - Beyond Control BITX-1228 Wormholedeath Japan, 28.12.2022 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  11. DEATHLESS LEGACY - Mater Larvarum +1 GQCS-91262 Ward Records, 09.12.2022
  12. DREAM THEATER - Lost Not Forgotten Archives: Live At Wacken 2015 (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31567 Sony Music Japan, 07.12.2022
  13. EPICA - The Phantom Agony +3 GQCS-91267 Ward Records, 23.12.2022 (Bonus tracks: Veniality; Triumph Of Defeat; Feint [Piano Version]) 
  14. EPICA - We Will Take You With Us +3 GQCS-91268 Ward Records, 23.12.2022 (Bonus tracks: Falsches Spiel;
    Cry For The Moon [Sahara Dust Demo]; Illusive Consensus [Sahara Dust Demo]) 
  15. EPICA - Consign To Oblivion +4 GQCS-91269 Ward Records, 23.12.2022 (Bonus tracks: Palladium; Ringer [Orchestral Version];
    Crystal Mountain [Orchestral Version]; Solitaire Ground [Remix]) 
  16. EPICA - The Score (An Epic Journey) GQCS-91270 Ward Records, 23.12.2022
  17. THE ERINYES - The Erinyes +1 GQCS-91257 Ward Records, 16.12.2022 (Bonus track: You And Me Against The World [Orchestral Version])
  18. GRAND - Grand +1 MICP-11754 Marquee/Avalon, 02.12.2022 (Bonus track: The Price We Pay [Acoustic Version])
  19. HETROERTZEN - Phosphorus Vol. 1 +1 GQCS-91263 Ward Records, 16.12.2022 (Bonus track: The Conjuring Of The Seven Spirits)
  20. HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE - Overtaker +1 IUCP-16359 Spiritual Beast, 21.12.2022 (Bonus track: Introduction)
  21. HOGTOOTH - You Can't Handle The Tooth BITX-1229 Wormholedeath Japan, 28.12.2022 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  22. IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT - Spirit Of Ecstasy GQCS-91256 Ward Records, 02.12.2022
  23. JOURNEY - Lollapalooza (Live In Concert) (2CD) GQCS-91258 Ward Records, 09.12.2022 (20-track double live album recorded in July 2021 in Chicago)
  24. KRILLOAN - Emperor Rising GQCS-91266 Ward Records, 09.12.2022
  25. KANDARIVAS / SWARRM - Layered Chimera DYMC-395 Daymare, 21.12.2022 (7-track all new studio material split album by Japanese grindcore bands)
  26. LACUNA COIL - Comalies XX (2CD) MICP-90120 Marquee/Avalon, 21.12.2022 (26-track double disc "Comalies" album 20th Anniversary re-recording)
  27. LANDFALL - Elevate +1 MICP-11739 Marquee/Avalon, 09.12.2022 (Bonus track: Heroes Are Forever [Acoustic Version])
  28. MOONLIGHT SORCERY - Piercing Through The Frozen Eternity +4 MICP-11755 Marquee/Avalon, 11.12.2022 (Bonus tracks: Ancient Sword Of Hate;
    Yotuulten Kutsu; Constellations; Black Moon's Blood)
  29. NESTOR - Kids In A Ghost Town [Deluxe Edition SHM-CD] +3 MICP-30172 Marquee/Avalon, 21.12.2022 (Bonus tracks: Signed In Blood; I Wanna Dance With Somebody; A Losing Game)
  30. PERSEIDE - The Only Thing BITX-1230 Wormholedeath Japan, 28.12.2022 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  31. RIOT CITY - Electric Elite +1 RBNCD-1370 Rubicon, 28.12.2022 (Bonus track: Burn The Night [Demo])
  32. ROB MORATTI - Epical +1 MICP-11752 Marquee/Avalon, 09.12.2022 (Bonus track: Valerie [Acoustic Version])
  33. ROGER TAYLOR - The Outsider Tour Live (2SHM-CD) UICY-16143 Universal Japan, 21.12.2022  (22-tracks double live album)
  34. TARMAT - Out Of The Blue +1 MICP-11753 Marquee/Avalon, 09.12.2022 (Bonus track: True Colors [Acoustic Version])
  35. THRASHER - Burning At The Speed Of Light WSBAC-0158 Wasabi Records, 07.12.2022 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve CD, newly remastered)
  36. TYPE O' NEGATIVE - Dead Again (2CD) GQCS-91260 Ward Records, 02.12.2022 (Bonus 10-track CD contains Best Buy exclusive
    bonus disc material incl. 4 live at Wacken Open Air 2007 tracks)
  37. XENTRIX - Seven Words +1 GQCS-91265 Ward Records, 16.12.2022 (Bonus track: Billion Dollar Babies)


























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