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New releases
October 2022

Artist/Title/Cat. Number/Label/Release Date


  1. CAPTAIN BLACK BEARD - Neon Sunrise +1 MICP-11737 Marquee/Avalon, 05.10.2022 (Bonus track: Chains Of Love [Acoustic Version])
  2. CHEZ KANE - Powerzone +1 MICP-11743 Marquee/Avalon, 21.10.2022 (Bonus track: Love Gone Wild [Acoustic Version])
  3. DEAD CROSS - II  IPC248CDJ Big Nothing, 28.10.2022 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  4. DIMMU BORGIR - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia [Remixed & Remastered] (3CD) GQCS-91242/4 Ward Records, 28.10.2022
  5. DRAGONLAND - The Power Of The Nightstar +1 MICP-11706 Marquee/Avalon, 12.10.2022 (Bonus track: The Sun Always Shines On T.V.)
  6. DREAM THEATER - Lost Not Forgotten Archives: Made In Japan Live 2006 (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31556 Sony Music Japan, 12.10.2022
  7. ELEINE - Acoustic In Hell GQCS-91238 Ward Records, 14.10.2022
  8. EXHUMED - To The Dead +5 DYMC-6087 Daymare/DIW On Metal, 26.10.2022 (Bonus tracks: Worming; N.M.F.O.; Distorted and Twisted to Form; Vacant Grave; Sick at Heart)
  9. FIREWIND - Between Heaven And Hell +3 [20th Anniversary Edition] (2CD) KICP-4049 King Records, 07.10.2022
    (Bonus tracks: Between Heaven & Hell [Demo]; World Of Conflict [Demo]; Tomorrow Can Wait [Demo])
  10. JOHN NORUM - Gone To Stay +1 VICP-65607 Victor, 28.10.2022 (Bonus track: Magnetic Soul)
  11. LAMB OF GOD - Omens +1 GQCS-91237 Ward Records, 07.10.2022 (Bonus track: Evidence)
  12. LOST SOCIETY - If The Sky Came Down GQCS-9123 Ward Records, 07.10.2022
  13. LOUDNESS - Loudness (30th Anniversary Edition) (3CD/DVD) WPZL-32000/3 Warner Music Japan, 28.10.2022 (LTD box set feat. 2022 remix of the album (CD1, 20 tracks), original TV mix (CD2, 9 tracks), demos (CD3, 10 tracks). DVD contains "Black Widow: Once And For All" (6 videos) and "Welcome To The Slaughter House" 20-track live video from 1992) 
  14. ORIANTHI - Rock Candy +1 GQCS-91240 Ward Records, 14.10.2022 (Bonus track: Where Did Your Heart Go [Acoustic Version])
  15. PALAYE ROYALE - Fever Dream +1 UICB-1018 Universal Japan, 28.10.2022 (Bonus track: Debilitate)
  16. PERFECT PLAN - Brace For Impact +1 MICP-11738 Marquee/Avalon, 14.10.2022 (Bonus track: My Angel [Acoustic Version])
  17. QUEENSRYCHE - Digital Noise Alliance +1 (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31555 Sony Music Japan, 05.10.2022 (Bonus track: Rebel Yell)
  18. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Return Of The Dream Canteen +1 WPCR-18552 Warner Music Japan, 14.10.2022 (Bonus track: The Shape I'm Takin')
  19. RONNIE ROMERO & NOZOMU WAKAI - Metal Souls: Memories Of Metal Weekend (CD/DVD) GQCS-91211 Ward Records, 21.10.2022 (10-track live album of metal classics recorded
    at Tokyo Zepp Diver City in 2019. Bonus DVD feat. 3 concert videos: Over The Hills And Far Away; Judgement Day; Metal Souls) 
  20. ROYAL HUNT - Dystopia +1 KICP-4052 King Records, 26.10.2022 (Bonus track: Until The Day [Live])
  21. ROYAL HUNT - Dystopia +1 [Deluxe Edition] (CD/DVD) KICP-94052 King Records, 26.10.2022 (Bonus track: Until The Day [Live].
    Bonus DVD feat. lyric videos for "Burn" and "The Art of Dying" plus documentary)
  22. SATIN - Appetition +1 IUCP-16357 Spiritual Beast, 14.10.2022 (Bonus track: Blame The Flame)
  23. SEDE VACANTE - Conium GQCS-91247 Ward Records, 21.10.2022
  24. SHELLSHOCK - Nothing Solves Nothing SKR-0003 System Kills, 05.10.2022 (6th album from Japanese Thrash Metal act)
  25. SKID ROW - The Gang's All Here +1 VICP-65605 Victor, 14.10.2022 (Bonus track: Tear It Down [Clean Version])
  26. STRYPER - The Final Battle +1 MICP-11730 Marquee/Avalon, 21.10.2022 (Bonus track: Near [Alternate Mix])
  27. THERION - Leviathan II GQCS-91246 Ward Records, 28.10.2022
  28. TOBIAS SAMMET'S AVANTASIA - A Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Society GQCS-91239 Ward Records, 21.10.2022
  29. VIO-LENCE - Eternal Nightmare / Live At Slim's (2CD) DYMC-6088 Daymare/DIW On Metal, 26.10.2022
    (Import repackaged in Japan. Bonus 12-track live CD recorded in San Francisco in 2021)
  30. WARCOE - The Giant's Dream UFBL-009 Unforgiven Blood, 19.10.2022
  31. WILDNESS - Resurrection +1 MICP-11741 Marquee/Avalon, 14.10.2022 (Bonus track: Best Of Me [80's Remix])


























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