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New releases
August 2022

Artist/Title/Cat. Number/Label/Release Date


  1. ALL IMAGES BLAZING - Change! BLRC-00135 Black-listed Records, 26.08.2022 (4th album by Japanese hard rock band)
  2. ARCH ENEMY - Deceivers +2 QATE-10138 Trooper, 12.08.2022 (Bonus tracks: Into The Pit; Diamond Dreamer)
  3. BANNED IN G.B.G. - What The Hell Is Going On? BITX-1211 Wormholedeath Japan, 31.08.2022 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  4. BONEYARD - Oathbreaker BITX-1212 Wormholedeath Japan, 31.08.2022 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  5. BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - Bullet For My Valentine (2022 Deluxe Edition) UICO-1325 Universal Japan, 05.08.2022 (reissue of 2021 album with 4 new tracks and alternative cover art)
  6. CHAOS CONTROL - Call Of The Abyss RETS-031 Repentless Records, 24.08.2022 (First full-length release by Japanese Power Metal band)
  7. DREAM THEATER - Live In Berlin 2019 (2xBlu-spec CD) SICP-31542/3 Sony Music Japan, 10.08.2022 (10-track live album, 2CD set)
  8. DYNAZTY - Final Advent MICP-11694 Marquee/Avalon, 24.08.2022
  9. FOREIGNWOLF - Your Weapons, Your Words EP BITX-1213 Wormholedeath Japan, 31.08.2022 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  10. GENERATION RADIO - Generation Radio +1 MICP-11726 Marquee/Avalon, 05.08.2022 (Bonus track: Will You Still Love Me [Live])
  11. GUNS N' ROSES - Hard Skool (SHM-CD) UICY-80174 Universal Japan, 17.08.2022 (4-track EP CD: Hard Skool; Absurd; Don't Cry [Live]; You're Crazy [Live])
  12. H.E.A.T - Force Majeure +1 MICP-11700 Marquee/Avalon, 03.08.2022 (Bonus track: Wings Of An Aeroplane)
  13. THE HALO EFFECT - Days Of The Lost +1 QATE-10140 Trooper, 12.08.2022 (Bonus track: The Path Of Fierce Resistance)
  14. HYDRA - Point Break +1 MICP-11725 Marquee/Avalon, 05.08.2022 (Bonus track: Suspicious [Acoustic Version])
  15. IRON SAVIOR - Reforged: Ironbound Vol. II +1 (2CD) MICP-90118 Marquee/Avalon, 24.08.2022 (24-track compilation of the band's best tracks re-recorded, bonus track: Crazy [Radio Edit])
  16. LILLIAN AXE - From Womb To Tomb +1 MICP-11733 Marquee/Avalon, 24.08.2022 (Bonus track: Show A Little Love [Live in New Orleans 2022])
  17. LILLIAN AXE - Poetic Justice +2 (SHM-CD) MICP-30168 Marquee/Avalon, 24.08.2022 (Bonus tracks: All's Fair In Love And War [Demo 1989]; Down On You [Demo 1989)
  18. LOOSE SUTURES - A Gash With Sharped Teeth And Other Tales +1 UFBL-007 Unforgiven Blood, 24.08.2022 (Bonus track: Neeuq)
  19. MACHINE HEAD - Of Kingdom And Crown +2 GQCS-91210 Ward Records, 26.08.2022 (Bonus tracks: Exteroception; Arrows From Words In The Sky [Acoustic Version])
  20. MOONSHINE OVERSIGHT - The Frame BITX-1214 Wormholedeath Japan, 31.08.2022 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  21. NORDIC UNION - Animalistic +1 MICP-11722 Marquee/Avalon, 05.08.2022 (Bonus track: Scream [Acoustic Version])
  22. PARASITE INC. - Cyan Night Dreams GQCS-91229 Ward Records, 19.08.2022
  23. PETIT BRABANCON - Fetish DCCA-107 Danger Crue Records, 31.08.2022 (Debut album by the band fronted by DIR EN GREY vocalist)
  24. RESTLESS SPIRITS - Second To None +1 MICP-11724 Marquee/Avalon, 05.08.2022 (Bonus track: Always A Pretender (Feat. Johnny Gioeli) [Acoustic Version])
  25. RUSSIAN CIRCLES - Gnosis DYMC-390 Daymare Recordings, 24.08.2022
  26. SEVENTH STORM - Seventh Storm +3 GQCS-91228 Ward Records, 12.08.2022 (Bonus tracks: Saudade [Acoustic]; Saudade [Acoustic Portuguee Version]; Saudade [Portuguee Version])
  27. SIGH - Shiki +2 GQCS-91234 Ward Records, 26.08.2022 (Bonus tracks: Midnight Mystery [Alternate Vocal Mix]; After The Summer Solstice [David Halo Remix])
  28. SITHTER - The Master Of Suspense UFBL-008 Unforgiven Blood, 24.08.2022 (3rd album by Japanese Thrash/Punk Metal band)
  29. SOILWORK - Overgivenheten GQCS-91228 Ward Records, 19.08.2022
  30. SOULFLY - Totem GQCS-91218 Ward Records, 05.08.2022
  31. STRANGE FLAVOR - Don't Let Me Down: History Of Strange Flavor BTH-76  B.T.H. Records, 24.08.2022 (9-track compilation by Osaka-based HR/HM band)
  32. SUNSTORM - Brothers In Arms +1 MICP-11723 Marquee/Avalon, 05.08.2022 (Bonus track: Back My Dreams [Acoustic Version])
  33. VALYEAR - Revolution Fear +1 BITX-1215 Wormholedeath Japan, 31.08.2022 (Import CD repackaged in Japan. Bonus track: Screams [Live])
  34. VOODOO KISS - Voodoo Kiss GQCS-91235 Ward Records, 19.08.2022
  35. WHITE SPIRIT - Right Or Wrong +1 RBNCD-1364 Rubicon, 17.08.2022 (Bonus track: Rock'n'Roll [Instrumental])


























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