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New releases
September 2021

Artist/Title/Cat. Number/Label/Release Date


  1. 38 SPECIAL - Wild-Eyed Southern Boys UICY-79675 Universal Japan, 22.09.2021
  2. 38 SPECIAL - Tour De Force UICY-79676 Universal Japan, 22.09.2021
  3. AMERICAN TEARS - Tear Gas (Blu-spec CD) (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve) SICP-31459 Sony Music, 22.09.2021
  4. ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER & TIM RICE - Jesus Christ Superstar. A Rock Opera (50th Anniversary Edition 2CD) UICY-16019/20 Universal Japan, 17.09.2021
  5. ANDREW W.K. - God Is Partying +3 KICP-4041 King Record/Nexus, 10.09.2021 (Bonus tracks: I Made It; Not Anymore; Everybody Sins [Radio Edit])
  6. ANNETTE OLZON - Strong +1 MICP-11643 Marquee/Avalon, 10.09.2021 (Bonus track: Sad Lullaby [Acoustic Version])
  7. AURI - Those We Don't Speak Of  GQCS-91066 Ward Records, 03.09.2021
  8. CARCASS - Torn Arteries +1 QATE-10130 Trooper, 17.09.2021 (Bonus track: NWOBHEAD)
  9. CRIMINAL - Sacrificio +1 QATE-10131 Trooper, 17.09.2021 (Bonus track: Dead Serious/Grey World)
  10. DAVID SANCIOUS - Forest Of Feelings (Blu-spec CD) (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve) SICP-31458 Sony Music, 22.09.2021
  11. DORO - Triumph And Agony Live GQCS-91088 Ward Records, 24.09.2021
  12. DORO - Triumph And Agony Live (Deluxe Edition CD/Blu-ray) GQCS-9108/7 Ward Records, 24.09.2021
  13. DREAM THEATER - Master Of Puppets: Live In Barcelona 2002 (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31476 Sony Music Japan, 15.09.2021
  14. THE FLOCK - The Flock (Blu-spec CD) (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve) SICP-31455 Sony Music, 22.09.2021
  15. GREGG ALLMAN BAND - Playin' Up A Storm UICY-79674 Universal Japan, 22.09.2021
  16. HAPPY THE MAN - Crafty Hands (Blu-spec CD) (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve) SICP-31461 Sony Music, 22.09.2021
  17. HELLHOUND - Warrior Of Rising Sun +1 IUCP-16345 Spiritual Beast, 22.09.2021 (11-track compilation feat. 3 new tracks and 8 re-recorded versions)
  18. IRON MAIDEN - Senjutsu (LTD Edition 2CD) WPCR-18447/48 Warner Music Japan, 03.09.2021 (LTD Edition in a cardboard slipcase with special book)
  19. IRON MAIDEN - Senjutsu (2CD) WPCR-18449/50 Warner Music Japan, 03.09.2021 
  20. MARY'S BLOOD - Mary's Blood TKCA-74966 Tokuma, 29.09.2021 (6th album by all-female J-Metal band)
  21. METALLICA - Metallica (Black Album) (SHM-CD) UICY-16006 Universal Japan, 10.09.2021 (Newly remastered)
  22. METALLICA - Metallica (Black Album) (Deluxe Edition 3SHM-CD) UICY-16003/5 Universal Japan, 10.09.2021 (Newly remastered, 3CD set. CD2 is a collection of 14 outtakes titled "Riffs, Demos, Rough Mixes & Easy Listening Music; CD3 is 13-track live compilation titled "Wherever We May Roam")
  23. MINSTRELIX - 11 Trajectories RADC-150 Radtone, 29.09.2021 (5th album by Japanese Symphonic/Melodic Speed Metal act)
  24. THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - Aeromantic II GQCS-91081 Ward Records, 03.09.2021
  25. PARADOX - Heresy II: End Of A Legend +1 MICP-11646 Marquee/Avalon, 22.09.2021 (Bonus track: Merciless Onslaught)
  26. PAVLOV'S DOG - Pampered Menial (Blu-spec CD) (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve) SICP-31457 Sony Music, 22.09.2021
  27. RAGE - Resurrection Day +1 GQCS-91075 Ward Records, 17.09.2021 (Bonus track: Black In Mind [From The Rage In The Cave Sessions]
  28. ROBIN RED - Robin Red +1 MICP-11644 Marquee/Avalon, 17.09.2021 (Bonus track: Don't Leave Me (With A Broken Heart) [Alternative Version])
  29. SACRED REICH - Ignorance +1 DYMC-6029 DIW on Metal/Daymare Records, 22.09.2021 (Bonus track: Ignorance (MMVIII)
  30. SACRED REICH - Surf Nicaragua +2 DYMC-6030 DIW on Metal/Daymare Records, 22.09.2021 (Bonus tracks: Ignorance [Live]; Death Squad [Live]) 
  31. SACRED REICH - The American Way DYMC-6031 DIW on Metal/Daymare Records, 22.09.2021
  32. SAMI YAFFA - The Innermost Journey To Your Outermost Mind +1 VICP-65579 Victor, 22.09.2021 (Bonus track: A Fan From Japan)
  33. SHADOWSTRIKE - Fables & Folklore / Infinite Power MICP-11653 Marquee/Avalon, 22.09.2021 (8-track CD containing two EP's)
  34. STAR CASTLE - Star Castle (Blu-spec CD) (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve) SICP-31460 Sony Music, 22.09.2021
  35. STARDRIVE - Stardrive Feat. Robert Mason (Blu-spec CD) (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve) SICP-31456 Sony Music, 22.09.2021
  36. STEPPENWOLF - 16 Greatest Hits (UHQCD-MQACD) (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve) UICY-40340 Universal Japan, 29.09.2021
  37. TALES AND LEGENDS - Struggle Of The Gods +2 RBNCD-1350 Rubicon, 22.09.2021 (Bonus tracks: Return To Fly [Japanese Version]; Winter Sky)
  38. THY ROW - Unchained +1 RBNCD-1347 Rubicon, 22.09.2021 (Bonus track: Blue Blood)
  39. TRILLION - Trillion (Blu-spec CD) (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve) SICP-31462 Sony Music, 22.09.2021
  40. VELL'Z FIRE - The Last Stand RRRVF-0001 Riding Rock Records, 08.09.2021 (Second album from Japanese metal band)
  41. VOIVOD - War And Pain +4 DYMC-6025 DIW on Metal/Daymare Records, 22.09.2021 (Bonus tracks: Condemned to the Gallows, plus 3 more from Metal Massacre Sessions: Voivod; Iron Gang; Condemned to the Gallows)
  42. WARFARE - The Songbook Of Filth +1 (3CD) GQCS-91082 Ward Records, 10.09.2021 (3CD, 33-track compilation of rare tracks.
    Bonus tracks: Burn Down The King's Road [Demo Feat. Algy Ward]; Dance Of The Dead; Two Tribes [ From Hell Mix])
  43. THE WHITE STRIPES - The White Stripes +2 (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31463 Sony Music, 15.09.2021 (Bonus tracks: Let's Shake Hands; Lafayette Blues)
  44. THE WHITE STRIPES - De Stijl +1 (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31464 Sony Music, 15.09.2021 (Bonus tracks: Red Death At 6:14)
  45. THE WHITE STRIPES - White Blood Cells +2 (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31465 Sony Music, 15.09.2021 (Bonus tracks: Jolene; Hand Springs)
  46. THE WHITE STRIPES - Elephant +2 (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31466 Sony Music, 15.09.2021 (Bonus tracks: Who's To Say; Good To Me)
  47. THE WHITE STRIPES - Get Behind Me Satan +2 (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31467 Sony Music, 15.09.2021
    (Bonus tracks: Who's A Big Baby?; Though I Hear You Calling, I Won't Answer)
  48. THE WHITE STRIPES - Icky Thump +1 (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31468 Sony Music, 15.09.2021 (Bonus track: Baby Brother)
  49. THE WILDHEARTS - 21st Century Love Songs +2 GQCS-91074 Ward Records, 03.09.2021 (Bonus tracks: Listen; Continental)



























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