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New releases
November 2018

Artist/Title/Cat. Number/Label/Release Date

  1. ACCEPT - Symphonic Terror: Live At Wacken 2017 (2CD) GQCS-90656-7 Ward Records, 23.11.2018 - video version on DVD (GQBS-90408) and Blu-ray (GQXS-90369), also available as DVD/2CD (GQBS-90405-7) and Blu-ray/2CD (GQXS-90366-7)
  2. ALCATRAZZ - Parole Denied: Tokyo 2017 +1 (2CD/DVD) KIZC-497/9 King Records, 28.11.2018 (Bonus track: Hiroshima Mon Amour [Soundcheck] (CD only) - video concert also available on Blu-ray (KIXM-332)
  3. ALL THAT REMAINS - Victim Of The New Disease GQCS-90655 Ward Records, 09.11.2018
  4. ANATHEMA - Internal Landscapes KSCOPE628J Big Nothing, 01.11.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  5. ARES - Mother Earth to Father Sky RETS-006 Repentless, 07.11.2018 (3rd album by Japanese Melodic Death Metal act)
  6. AZUSA - Heavy Yoke +1 GQCS-90647 Ward Records, 14.11.2018 (Bonus track: Skull Chamber)
  7. BLINDMAN - Reach For The Sky WLKR-036 Walkure Records, 21.11.2018
  8. BLOODBATH - The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn CDVILEF741J Big Nothing, 03.11.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  9. BON JOVI - This House Is Not For Sale +8 (Japan Tour Edition SHM-CD/DVD) UICL-9117 Universal Japan, 21.11.2018 (Bonus tracks: When We Were Us; Walls; Real Love; All Hail The King; We Don't Run; I Will Drive You Home; Goodnight New York; Touch Of Grey. Bonus DVD feat. 3 live videos recorded on September 22 at "Rock In Rio" festival: This House Is Not For Sale; Livin' On A Prayer; Bed Of Roses, plus 3 music videos: When We Were Us; Roller Coaster; Knockout)
  10. DARK MILLENNIUM - Where Oceans Collide +3 RADC-110 Radtone, 14.11.2018 (Live bonus tracks: Insanity Suck System; The Atmosphere; Flesh Is Weak)
  11. DEVIL'S HAND (MIKE SLAMER & ANDREW FREEMAN) - Devil's Hand +1 KICP-1959 King Records, 28.11.2018 (Bonus track: Faith)
  12. EARTHSHAKER - The Story Goes On KICS-3751 King Records, 07.11.2018
  13. ELECTRIC BOYS - The Ghost Ward Diaries BKMY-1076 Bickee Music, 28.11.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  14. ELVENSTORM - The Conjuring +2 RADC-109 Radtone, 14.11.2018 (Bonus tracks: Soulreaper; Sworn to The Dark)
  15. ENEMY INSIDE - Phoenix +2 MICP-11452 Marquee/Avalon, 21.11.2018 (Bonus tracks: Doorway To Salvation [Alt. Version]; Fire)
  16. EVILON - Leviathan BITX-1101 Wormholedeath Japan, 28.11.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  17. F.U.A. - Socially Transmitted Disease BITX-1102 Wormholedeath Japan, 28.11.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  18. FIRMO - Rehab +1 ASCM-1815 AnderStein Music, 16.11.2018 (Bonus track: Cowboys Once, Cowboys Forever [Acoustic])
  19. GOTTHARD - Defrosted 2 +1 (2CD) MICP-90109 Marquee/Avalon, 28.11.2018 (Acoustic live album recorded on "Defrosted II" Tour in 2018.
    Bonus track: What I Wouldn't Give [Orchestral Version])
  20. GRAILKNIGHTS - Knightfall +2 RBNCD-1264 Rubicon, 01.11.2018 (Bonus tracks: Heroes Fly; Dead Or Alive)
  21. HATESPHERE - Reduced To Flesh +1 MICP-11451 Marquee/Avalon, 21.11.2018 (Bonus track: Stand Up And Shout)
  22. HEARTS ON FIRE - Call Of Destiny +1 ASCM-1814 AnderStein Music, 23.11.2018 (Bonus track: Falling into You [Acoustic Version])
  23. HEIR APPARENT - The View From Below RBNCD-1266 Rubicon, 28.11.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  24. JACKY VINCENT - Life Imitating Art +1 KICP-1961 King Records, 21.11.2018 (Bonus track: Lifestream)
  25. JEROME MAZZA - Outlaw Son +1 RBNCD-1267 Rubicon, 28.11.2018 (Bonus track: Streets On Fire [Duet with Steve Overland])
  26. JIMI HENDRIX - Electric Ladyland (50th Anniversary Edition 3CD/Blu-ray) SICP 5917 Sony Japan, 21.11.2018
  27. JOHNNY GIOELI - One Voice +1 KICP-1957 King Records, 28.11.2018 (Bonus track: Price We Pay [Acoustic Version])
  28. MASAFUMI NISHIDA (MARCY) - Garage KICS-3752 King Records, 07.11.2018 (New solo album by EARTSHAKER frontman)
  29. MASAKI - Pit-Low 2 KICS-3753 King Records, 07.11.2018 (J-Metal bass guitar wizard's 4th solo album)
  30. METALLICA - ...And Justice For All (11CD/3LP/4DVD Box Set) UICR-9043 Universal Japan, 02.11.2018 (also includes 120-page hard cover book, 4 patches, lithograph, laminated tour badge)
  31. METALLICA - ...And Justice For All (Deluxe Edition 3 SHM-CD) UICR-9044/6 Universal Japan, 02.11.2018 (New remaster, bonus 9-track CD compilation of demos/rough mixes + 12-track "Live From The Damaged Justice Tour" CD)
  32. METALLICA - ...And Justice For All (SHM-CD) UICR-1144 Universal Japan, 02.11.2018 (New remaster)
  33. NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY - Pawns And Kings BITX-1103 Wormholedeath Japan, 28.11.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  34. THE OCEAN - Phanerozoic I: Paleozoic PCD-25272 P-Vine, 14.11.2018
  35. OUTLOUD - Virtual Hero Society +1 RBNCD-1263 Rubicon, 01.11.2018 (Bonus track: Stranger Heroes)
  36. PALACE - Binary Music +1 KICP-1958 King Records, 28.11.2018 (Bonus track: Who's Counting Time [Acoustic Version])
  37. PRETTY MAIDS - Red, Hot & Heavy (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31222 Sony Japan, 14.11.2018 (Newly remastered in BSCD2 format)
  38. PRETTY MAIDS - Future World (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31223 Sony Japan, 14.11.2018 (Newly remastered in BSCD2 format)
  39. PRETTY MAIDS - Jump The Gun (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31224 Sony Japan, 14.11.2018 (Newly remastered in BSCD2 format)
  40. PRETTY MAIDS - Sin-Decade (Blu-spec CD) SICP-31225 Sony Japan, 14.11.2018 (Newly remastered in BSCD2 format)
  41. REECE (DAVID REECE) - Resilient Heart BKMY-1075 Bickee Music, 14.11.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  42. RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR - The Legacy Of Shi +1 GQCS-90641 Ward Records, 02.11.2018 (Bonus track: Sayonara)
  43. SABBRABELLS - Sabbrabells Complete Box (9 Blu-spec CD/2 DVD) KIZC484-94 King Records, 07.11.2018 (LTD Edition Box Set)
  44. SADIST - Spellbound +1 QATE-10114 Trooper, 23.11.2018 (Bonus track: Hell In Myself)
  45. SERCATI - Devoted, Demons And Mavericks BITX-1104 Wormholedeath Japan, 28.11.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  46. SEX MACHINEGUNS - Iron Soul NQKS-1022 Kanameishi Records, 28.11.2018
  47. SMASHING PUMPKINS - Shiny And Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 / LP: No Past, No Future, No Sun. GQCS-90666 Ward Records, 16.11.2018 
  48. STEPHEN PEARCY - View To A Thrill +1 KICP-1948 King Records, 07.11.2018 (Bonus track: Not Killin' Me [Acoustic Version])
  49. TASTE - Moral Decay +2 MICP-11449 Marquee/Avalon, 21.11.2018 (Bonus tracks: Stay [Live Acoustic]; On My Shoulder [Demo])
  50. TEN - Illuminati +1 KICP-1945 King Records, 07.11.2018 (Bonus track: Rosetta Stone [Remix])
  51. THOMAS SILVER - A Gospel According To Thomas +1 KICP-1960 King Records, 21.11.2018 (Bonus track: I Got Lost)
  52. VEILED IN SCARLET - Atonement WLKR-037 Walkure Records, 21.11.2018 (3rd album by Japanese Melodic Death Metal act)
  53. WHITE WIDDOW - Victory +2 RBNCD-1265 Rubicon, 21.11.2018 (Bonus tracks: Restless Heart; Late Night Liaison [Retro Wave Mix])







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