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New releases
June 2018

Artist/Title/Cat. Number/Label/Release Date

  1. ALKALOID - Liquid Anatomy MICP-11422 Marquee/Avalon, 20.06.2018
  2. BLOOD STAIN CHILD - The Legend RADC-103 Fabtone/Radtone, 13.06.2018
  3. BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - Gravity +6 UICO-1302 Universal Japan, 29.06.2018 (Bonus tracks: Breaking Out; Crawling; Breathe Underwater [Piano Version]; The Very Last Time [Piano Version]; Under Again [Piano Version]; Don't Need You [Live From Brixton Academy 10.12.2016])
  4. BURN THE PRIEST - Legion: XX GQCS-90610 Ward Records, 22.06.2018
  5. CRYSTAL BALL - Crystallizer +4 RADC-104 Fabtone/Radtone, 27.06.2018 (Bonus tracks: Satisfaction Guaranteed; Exit Wound; Dusty Deadly; Symphony Of Life)
  6. THE DARKNESS - Live At Hammersmith OTCD-6434 Big Nothing, 15.05.2018 (19-track live album recorded in December 2017 at Hammersmith Apollo)
  7. DEF LEPPARD - The CD Collection: Volume One (6 SHM-CD + CD) UICY-78594 Universal Japan, 01.06.2018 (LTD Edition box set containing 4 original albums (On Through The Night, High'n'Dry, Pyromania, Hysteria), live album (L.A. Forum 1983), 10-track compilation of rarities (all 6 titles are SHM-CD's exclusive to Japan) plus the band's 1979 debut EP (for the first time on CD). Paper sleeves.) 
  8. EARTHSHAKER - After Shock UPCY-9799 Universal Japan, 13.06.2018 (Reissue)
  9. EARTHSHAKER - Smash UPCY-9800 Universal Japan, 13.06.2018 (Reissue)
  10. EARTHSHAKER - Treachery UPCY-9801 Universal Japan, 13.06.2018 (Reissue)
  11. EARTHSHAKER - Pretty Good UPCY-9802 Universal Japan, 13.06.2018 (Reissue)
  12. EARTHSHAKER - Earthshaker UPCY-9803 Universal Japan, 13.06.2018 (Reissue)
  13. FOLLOW THE CIPHER - Follow The Cipher GQCS-90613 Ward Records, 29.06.2018
  14. FOLLOW THE CIPHER - Follow The Cipher (Deluxe Edition CD/DVD) GQCS-90611/2 Ward Records, 29.06.2018
    (Bonus DVD feat. music videos, live show, interview, documentary and more)
  15. GEDO - Gedo Live (2CD) UPCY-9780/1 Universal Japan, 13.06.2018 (Reissue)
  16. GUILD OF AGES - Rise KICP-1919 King Records, 27.06.2018
  17. GUNS N' ROSES - Appetite For Destruction (SHM-CD) UICY-15748 Universal Japan, 29.06.2018 (Reissue, newly remastered from original master tapes)
  18. GUNS N' ROSES - Appetite For Destruction (Deluxe Edition 2SHM-CD) UICY-78831/2 Universal Japan, 29.06.2018 (+ bonus 18-track "B-Sides, EP's Ní More" CD)
  19. GUNS N' ROSES - Appetite For Destruction (Super Deluxe Edition 4SHM-CD/Blu-ray) UICY-78830 Universal Japan, 29.06.2018 (LTD Edition Box Set)
  20. HELLHOUND - The Oath Of Allegiance To The Kings Of Heavy Metal BLRC-00106 Black-listed Records, 22.06.2018 (4th album by Japanese heavy metal act)
  21. HIDETO KANOU - Sweet Mystery UPCY-9779 Universal Japan, 13.06.2018 (Reissue)
  22. IBUKI - ExMyself  PRRA-0006 Proud Rose Records, 20.06.2018 (Debut solo album by AROUND THE NATION/DESTROSE vocalist)
  23. IMPERIAL AGE - Turn The Sun Off  +3 RBNCD-1257 Rubicon, 27.06.2018 (Bonus tracks: Death Guard [Live]; Anthem Of Valour [Live]; Death Guard [Instrumental])
  24. IMPERIAL AGE - Warrior Race +3 RBNCD-1258 Rubicon, 27.06.2018 (Bonus tracks: Aryavarta [Live]; Vanaheim [Instrumental]; Warrior Race [Instrumental])
  25. IRON ANGEL - Hellbound BKMY-1068 Bickee Music, 20.06.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  26. JADED HEART - Devil's Gift +3 RADC-105 Fabtone/Radtone Music, 27.06.2018 (Bonus tracks: Black Days; Flying High; Break The Chains)
  27. KUNI - Masque UPCY-9804 Universal Japan, 13.06.2018 (Reissue)
  28. KUNI - Lookin' For Action UPCY-9805 Universal Japan, 13.06.2018 (Reissue)
  29. LUCA TURILLI - Kings Of The Nordic Twilight (SHM-CD) MICP-30079 Marquee/Avalon, 20.06.2018 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve SHM-CD)
  30. LUCA TURILLI - Demonheart (SHM-CD) MICP-30080 Marquee/Avalon, 20.06.2018 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve SHM-CD)
  31. LUCA TURILLI - Prophet Of The Last Eclipse (SHM-CD) MICP-30081 Marquee/Avalon, 20.06.2018 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve SHM-CD)
  32. MEGADETH - Killing Is My Business ... And Business Is Good! The Final Kill (Blu-spec CD) SICP 31164 Sony, 06.06.2018
  33. THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - Sometimes The World Ain't Enough +2 GQCS-90609 Ward Records, 29.06.2018 (Bonus tracks: Marjorie; Pacific Priestess)
  34. NINE INCH NAILS - Bad Witch HSU-10208 Hostess Japan, 22.06.2018
  35. ONMYO-ZA - Hado Myo-o KICS-3715 King Records, 06.06.2018 (14th studio album by Japanese heavy metal stars)
  36. ONMYO-ZA - Hado Myo-o (Deluxe Edition) KICS-93715 King Records, 06.06.2018 (Deluxe slipcase package, exclusive 32-page photo booklet)
  37. REFUGE - Solitary Men +1 KICP-1911 King Records, 06.06.2018 (Bonus track: The Man In The Ivory Tower [Acoustic Version])
  38. RSO (RICHIE SAMBORA + ORIANTHI) - Radio Free America +1 VICP-65491 Victor, 20.06.2018 (Bonus track: Hellbound Train)
  39. SATIN - Satin +2 ASCM-1806 AnderStein Music, 22.06.2018 (Bonus tracks: If You're Walking Away; Back Before I Go)
  40. SNOWY SHAW - White Is The New Black +2 KICP-1913 King Records, 13.06.2018 (Bonus tracks: Be Kind To Animals Or I'll Kill You; Family Feud)
  41. STONELAKE - Thunder And Rain +1 ASCM-1809 AnderStein Music, 08.06.2018 (Bonus track: Waiting For Tonight)
  42. SUNSTORM - The Road To Hell +1 GQCS-90604 Ward Records, 08.06.2018 (Bonus track: Everywhere [Acoustic Version])
  43. TNT - XIII +1 KICP-1836 King Records, 06.06.2018 (Bonus track: We're Gonna Make It [Acoustic Version])
  44. TRILLIUM - Tectonic +1 KICP-1917 King Records, 22.06.2018 (Bonus track: Shards [Acoustic Version])
  45. UFO - UFO 1 (Blu-spec CD) WSBAC-0081 Wasabi Records, 27.06.2018 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve)
  46. UFO - Flying (Blu-spec CD) WSBAC-0082 Wasabi Records, 27.06.2018 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve)
  47. UFO - UFO Landed Japan (Blu-spec CD) WSBAC-0083 Wasabi Records, 27.06.2018 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve)
  48. VALENTINE - The Alliance +1 KICP-1912 King Records, 22.06.2018 (Bonus track: High As A Kite)




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