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New releases
May 2018

Artist/Title/Cat. Number/Label/Release Date

  1. AMORPHIS - Queen Of Time +1 GQCS-90570 Ward Records, 16.05.2018 (Bonus track: Honeyflow)
  2. ASPHODELIA - Welcome Apocalypse BKMY-1067 Bickee Music, 23.05.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  3. AT THE GATES - To Drink From The Night Itself (2CD) QATE-10110/1 Trooper, 18.05.2018
  4. BAD WOLVES - Disobey GQCS-90598 Ward Records, 11.05.2018
  5. BONFIRE - Temple Of Lies +3 MICP-11421 Marquee/Avalon, 23.05.2018 (Bonus tracks: SVG; Comin' Home [Extended Acoustic Version]; Friedensreich II - The Return Of The Zunsler Into The T.O.L.)
  6. DIMMU BORGIR - Eonian GQCS-90571 Ward Records, 04.05.2018
  7. DIMMU BORGIR - Eonian +5 [LTD Edition 2CD] GQCS-90589/90 Ward Records, 04.05.2018 (Bonus 5-track CD featuring demo versions of Ætheric; Council Of Wolves And Snakes; Lightbringer; I Am Sovereign; Archaic Correspondence) 
  8. DON AIREY - One Of A Kind +2 GQCS-90601 Ward Records, 25.05.2018 (Bonus tracks: Shooting Star [Live]; The Way I Feel Inside [Live])
  9. DON AIREY - One Of A Kind +6 (LTD Edition 2CD) GQCS-90599/0 Ward Records, 25.05.2018 (Same as above plus bonus live CD:  Pictures of Home; Since You've Been Gone; I Surrender; Still Got The Blues. All bonus tracks and all tracks on bonus CD recorded live on March 14, 2017 in Hamburg, Germany)
  10. DOOMSDAY OUTLAW - Hard Times +1 KICP-1906 King Records, 09.05.2018 (Bonus track: Days Since I Saw The Sun [Acoustic])
  11. DRAGONFORCE - Re-Powered Within VICP-65486 Victor, 04.05.2018
  12. DYSTERSOL - The Fifth Age Of Man BITX-1097 Wormholedeath Japan, 30.05.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  13. EARTH FOR SALE - Reset ASCM-1804 AnderStein Music, 11.05.2018
  14. ENGEL - Abandon All Hope +2 QATE-10109 Trooper, 11.05.2018 (Bonus tracks: Your Shadow Haunts You [Live]; Hollow Soul [Live])
  15. EXMORTUS - The Sound Of Steel +1 MICP-11419 Marquee/Avalon, 23.05.2018 (Bonus track: S.A.T.O.)
  16. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH - And Justice For None +3 (LTD Edition) GQCS-90596 Ward Records, 18.05.2018
    (Bonus tracks: Trouble; Bad Seed; Save Your Breath)
  17. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH - And Justice For None GQCS-90597 Ward Records, 18.05.2018
  18. GRAND THEFT CULTURE - Grand Theft Culture +1 MICP-11420 Marquee/Avalon, 30.05.2018 (Bonus track: Just Begun)
  19. HATE BEYOND - Ruthless Aggression +1 RBNCD-1602 Rubicon, 02.05.2018 (Bonus track: Live Wire) - 5th album by Japanese Trash Metal outfit
  20. HEARTWIND - Higher And Higher +1 ASCM-1807 AnderStein Music, 25.05.2018 (Bonus track: Just A Lie)
  21. JIZZY PEARL - All You Need Is Soul +1 KICP-1905 King Records, 09.05.2018 (Bonus track: You Don't Know What It's Like [Acoustic Version])
  22. LORDI - Sexorcism KICP-1924 King Records, 23.05.2018
  23. LORDS OF BLACK - Icons Of The New Days +1 GQCS-90595 Ward Records, 09.05.2018 (Bonus track: Forevermore [Acoustic Version])
  24. LORDS OF BLACK - Icons Of The New Days +7 (Deluxe Edition 2CD) GQCS-90593/4 Ward Records, 09.05.2018 (Same as above + bonus 6-track CD: Innuendo; Only; Tears of the Dragon; Edge of the Blade; The Maker and the Storm; When Nothing Was Wrong )
  25. MAESTRICK - Espresso Della Vita +1 MICP-11417 Marquee/Avalon, 23.05.2018 (Bonus track: The Creation)
  26. MARDELAS - Mardelas III KICS-3705 King Records, 16.05.2018 (Third studio album by J-Metal band)
  27. MARY'S BLOOD - Flag Of The Queendom (Live At Intercityhall) (DVD) TKBA-1249 Tokuma, 23.05.2018 - also available as Blu-ray (TKXA-1126)
  28. MASS - When 2 Worlds Collide +1 RBNCD-1255 Rubicon, 23.05.2018 (Bonus track: Second Hand Rose [Acoustic Version])
  29. MELODIUS DEITE - Episode III: The Archangels And The Olympians +3 IUCP-16288 Spiritual Beast, 23.05.2018
    (Bonus tracks: Embattled; Maiden Strives; Beautiful Weapons )
  30. MOKOMA - Hengen Pitimet +1 MICP-11416 Marquee/Avalon, 23.05.2018 (Bonus track: Takatalvi [New Version])
  31. NOZOMU WAKAI'S DESTINIA - Metal Souls GQCS-90584 Ward Records, 23.05.2018
  32. NOZOMU WAKAI'S DESTINIA - Metal Souls +1 (Deluxe Edition CD/DVD) GQCS-90582/3 Ward Records, 23.05.2018
    (Bonus track: Ready For Rock; bonus DVD feat. music video for "Metal Souls", documentary, interview and more)
  33. OVERKILL - Live In Overhousen (2CD) GQCS-90574/5 Ward Records, 18.05.2018
    - also available on DVD (GQBS-90360), Blu-ray (GQXS-90323), DVD/2CD (GQBS-90357/9) and Blu-ray/2CD (GQXS-90320/2)
  34. PRAYING MANTIS - Gravity +1 KICP-1902 King Records, 09.05.2018 (Bonus track: The Last Summer [Raid Bear Mix])
  35. ROGER GLOVER AND FRIENDS - The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper's Feast (3CD) MAR-182913/5 Marquee, 18.05.2018 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve)
  36. ROMAN SO WORDS - Roman's RSW-007 Roman So Words, 02.05.2018 (Debut album by Japanese Melodic Rock band)
  37. SANGUINE GLACIALIS - Hadopelagic BITX-1096 Wormholedeath Japan, 30.05.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  38. SHINEDOWN - Attention Attention +2 WPCR-18030 Warner Music Japan, 04.05.2018 (Bonus tracks: Head Case; ANWTD)
  39. SINK THE SHIP - Persevere +2 GQCS-90603 Ward Records, 25.05.2018 (Bonus tracks: How I Live; Domestic Dispute [Acoustic Version])
  40. SPOCK'S BEARD - Noise Floor / Cutting Room Floor +7 (2 Blu-spec CD) KICP-1914/5 King Records, 25.05.2018 (Bonus tracks: Save Our Souls; Vault [Demo]; Box Of Spiders [Demo]; Somebody's Home [Demo]; Days We'll Remember [Demo]; Beginnings [Demo]; Armageddon Nervous [Demo])
  41. TEMPERANCE - Of Jupiter And Moons +1 MICP-11418 Marquee/Avalon, 23.05.2018 (Bonus track: We Are Free [Japanese Version])
  42. THREE DAYS GRACE - Outsider SICP 5698 Sony, 23.05.2018
  43. TRAUMER - History +2 VICP-65487 Victor, 09.05.2018 (Bonus tracks: Burning Rainbow Road; Forever Starts Tomorrow [Live in Sao Paulo])
  44. VEGA - Only Human +1 KICP-1904 King Records, 09.05.2018 (Bonus track: Standing Still [Alternate Mix])
  45. VERSOVER - Hell's Inc. BKMY-1066 Bickee Music, 23.05.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  46. WHILE MY CITY BURNS - Prone To Self Destruction BITX-1095 Wormholedeath Japan, 30.05.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  47. WHYZDOM - As Time Turns To Dust +1 RBNCD-1256 Rubicon, 30.05.2018 (Bonus track: Fly Away [Alternate Version])




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