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New releases
April 2018

Artist/Title/Cat. Number/Label/Release Date

  1. AMERICAN TEARS - Hard Core (SHM-CD) MICP-30092 Marquee/Avalon, 25.04.2018
  2. ANTHRAX - Kings Among Scotland (2CD) GQCS-90572/73 Ward Records, 27.04.2018
  3. APPARITION - The Awakening BITX-1090 Wormholedeath Japan, 04.04.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  4. BLITZKRIEG - Judge Not! +3 IUCP-16287 Spiritual Beast, 25.04.2018 (Bonus tracks: Schools Out; After Dark; Together We Are Strong)
  5. BULLET - Dust To Gold +2 IUCP-16285 Spiritual Beast, 25.04.2018 (Bonus tracks: Dr. Phibes; Swords And Tequila)
  6. CANNIBAL CORPSE - Red Before Black GQCS-90566 Ward Records, 18.04.2018
  7. CANNIBAL CORPSE - Red Before Black / BloodCovered (LTD Edition 2CD) GQCS-90564/65 Ward Records, 18.04.2018
  8. CHEAP TRICK - Greatest Hits: Japanese Single Collection (Blu-spec CD/DVD) SICP 31162 Sony, 04.04.2018 (18-track compilation of
    all Epic-era Japanese singles, 56-page booklet feat. each single's cover art. Bonus DVD feat. 15 music videos plus the band's 1980 performance at Music Awards)
  9. DESDEMONIA - Anguish BKMY-1065 Bickee Music, 25.04.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  10. DIVINE WIND - Triple Cross ULMT-0011 Divine Wind, 11.04.2018 (New studio album from Japanese Neo-Classical Metal act)
  11. ESTATE - Mirrorland BKMY-1064 Bickee Music, 25.04.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  12. FOREIGNER - Foreigner With the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus: Live in Switzerland 2017 (2CD) GQCS-90591/92 Ward Records, 27.04.2018
    (with bonus CD feat. 12 tracks from "Classics", "Acoustique", "Acoustic Evening With Foreigner" and "When It Comes To Love" single)
  13. FOREIGNER - Foreigner With the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus: Live in Switzerland 2017 (DVD) GQBS-90364 Ward Records, 27.04.2018
  14. FOREIGNER - Foreigner With the 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus: Live in Switzerland 2017 (2CD/DVD) GQBS-90361/63 Ward Records, 27.04.2018
  15. THE FUTURE - From Ashes To New +2 GQCS-90567 Ward Records, 20.04.2018
  16. GRAND DESIGN - Viva La Paradise +1 RBNCD-1252 Rubicon, 11.04.2018 (Bonus track: Fight Fire With Fire)
  17. GUS G. - Fearless +2 KICP-1908 King Records, 25.04.2018 (Live bonus tracks recorded at Token Lounge in 2017: Burn; I Am The Fire)
  18. HER NAME IN BLOOD - Power WPCL-12858 Warner Music Japan, 04.04.2018
  19. ISSA - Run With The Pack +1 MICP-11410 Marquee/Avalon, 11.04.2018 (Bonus track: Talk To Your Heart [Acoustic Version])
  20. JAMES CHRISTIAN - Craving +1 MICP-11396 Marquee/Avalon, 25.04.2018 (Bonus track: World Of Possibility [Acoustic])
  21. J.K. NORTHRUP / DAVID CAGLE - That's Gonna Leave A Mark +1 ASCM-1808 AnderStein Music, 27.04.2018 (Bonus track: Promise To God)
  22. KALMAH - Palo +1 KICP-1901 King Records, 04.04.2018 (Bonus track: Lovers On The Sun)
  23. KAMELOT - The Shadow Theory +1 KICP-1899 King Records, 25.04.2018 (Bonus track: Angel Of Retraction)
  24. KAMELOT - The Shadow Theory [Deluxe Edition 2CD/DVD] KICP-91899 King Records, 25.04.2018 (Same as above + bonus 6-track instrumental CD + bonus DVD featuring music video for "Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)" and lyric video for "RavenLight". Digipak)
  25. KINO - Radio Voltaire +4 (Blu-spec CD) KICP-1909 King Records, 25.04.2018 (Bonus tracks: Temple Tudor [Piano Mix]; The Dead Club (Berlin Head Quarters Mix]; Keep the Faith [Orchestral Mix]; The Kino Funfair)
  26. KOBRA & THE LOTUS - Prevail II +2 GQCS-90585 Ward Records, 25.04.2018 (Bonus tracks: Let Me Love You [Japanese Version]; Let Me Love You [Acoustic])
  27. LEATHER - Leather II +1 RBNCD-1253 Rubicon, 18.04.2018 (Bonus track: Black Smoke [Demo])
  28. LECHERY - We Are All Born Evil +1 IUCP-16286 Spiritual Beast, 18.04.2018 (Bonus track: Heart Of A Metal Virgin [Live])
  29. MICHAEL KRATZ - Live Your Life +2 ASCM-1805 AnderStein Music, 13.04.2018 (Bonus tracks: This Town Is Lost Without You [Acoustic Version]; I Don't Know How [Acoustic Version])
  30. A PERFECT CIRCLE - Eat The Elephant WPCR-18002 Warner Music Japan, 25.04.2018
  31. PERFECT PLAN - All Rise +1 MICP-11414 Marquee/Avalon, 11.04.2018 (Bonus track: Heaven In Your Eyes [Acoustic Version])
  32. PIGEON LAKE - Barriers Fall BITX-1093 Wormholedeath Japan, 25.04.2018 (Imported CD repackaged in Japan)
  33. RIOT - Armor Of Light +2 GQCS-90578 Ward Records, 25.04.2018 (Bonus tracks: Unbelieve; Thunderstill 2018)
  34. RIOT - Armor Of Light +2 / Live at Keep It True Festival 2015 (LTD Edition 2CD) GQCS-90576/77 Ward Records, 25.04.2018 (same as above + 13-track live CD)
  35. RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW - Memories In Rock +4 (3CD) GQCS-90561-3 Ward Records, 04.04.2018 (Bonus track: Burn + bonus 3-track CD:
    Land Of Hope And Glory; I Surrender [Feat. Ronnie Romero]; Waiting For A Sign [New studio track])
  36. RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW - Memories In Rock +4 (Deluxe Edition 3CD/DVD) GQCS-90557-60 Ward Records, 04.04.2018 (Same as above + bonus DVD featuring 12-track live show recorded in London on June 17, 2017, documentary and interview)
  37. SHADYGROVE - In The Heart Of Scarlet Wood +1 RBNCD-1254 Rubicon, 25.04.2018 (Bonus track: The Purple Sea)
  38. SKINDRED - Big Things +1 VICP-65483 Victor, 25.04.2018 (Bonus track: Chase The Devil)
  39. STRYPER - God Damn Evil  +1 MICP-11409 Marquee/Avalon, 11.04.2018 (Bonus track: Can't Live Without Your Love [Alternate Version])
  40. TESSERACT - Sonder GQCS-90581 Ward Records, 20.04.2018
  41. TESSERACT - Sonder (LTD Edition 2CD) GQCS-90579/80 Ward Records, 20.04.2018 (Bonus CD feat. the album in KLANG: fabrik's 3D surround sound)
  42. UNIVERSE - Rock Is Alive +1 MICP-11415 Marquee/Avalon, 25.04.2018 (Bonus track: The Rival)
  43. VARIOUS ARTISTS - Super Guitar Disney AVCW-63275 Avex Trax, 25.04.2018 (10-track album of Disney songs performed by Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert, Tak Matsumoto, Mike Orlando, Orianthi, George Lynch, Richie Kotzen, Jeff Watson, Phil X and Ron Thal)
  44. VEIL OF OBSCURITY - In The Beginning... +1 KICP-1910 King Records, 11.04.2018 (Bonus track: Spy Games)

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