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New releases
July 2017

Artist/Title/Cat. Number/Label/Release Date

  1. ALICE COOPER - Paranormal (LTD Edition 2CD) GQCS-90375/6 Ward Records, 28.07.2017 (Bonus CD featuring two new studio tracks: Genuine American Girl; You and All Of Your Friends plus 6 more live tracks recorded in Columbus, Ohio on May 6, 2016: No More Mr. Nice Guy; Under My Wheels; Billion Dollar Babies; Feed My Frankenstein; Only Women Bleed; School's Out)
  2. ART NATION - Revolution +4 MICP-11363 Marquee/Avalon, 05.07.2017 (Bonus tracks: Leave It All Behind + 3 demos: Don't Wait For Salvation; All In; Number One)
  3. ATSUSHI YOKOZEKI & SHINICHI KOBAYASHI - Jetto Jigoku (Jet Hell) KICS-3510 King Records, 26.07.2017 (Instrumental album by Japanese guitar wizards)
  4. BLIND GUARDIAN - Live Beyond Spheres (3CD) GQCS-90419/21 Ward Records, 28.07.2017 (Live album recorded during the band's European Tour 2015)
  5. BLOODY HEELS - Through Mystery +5 ASCM-1707 AnderStein Music, 28.07.2017
    (Bonus tracks from the band's debut EP: Summer Nights; Fight to Savor; Hungry For Your Love; Shot to Thrill; All of My Life (Bonus Track)
  6. BURNING WITCHES - Burning Witches +2 RBNCD-1235 Rubicon, 05.07.2017 (Bonus tracks: Jawbreaker; Save Me [Acoustic Version])
  7. CIRCUS MAXIMUS - Havoc In Oslo +1 (DVD/2CD) MIZF-70028 Marquee/Avalon, 19.07.2017 (Live concert movie filmed in Norway on February 6, 2016 + double live album with the same contents in audio. CD bonus track: The Prophecy [Live at Parkbiografen 2015])
  8. DAVID BYRON - Take No Prisoners +3 (Blu-spec CD) WSBAC-0053 Wasabi, 20.07.2017 (Bonus tracks: Steamin' Along [Single Edit]; What's Going On [Outtake]; Silver White Man [Alternative Version]. LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve, remaster)
  9. DECAPITATED - Anticult GQCS-90363 Ward Records, 07.07.2017
  10. EDGUY - Monuments (2CD/DVD) MIZP-60060 Marquee/Avalon, 05.07.2017 (25-track 2CD compilation; bonus DVD featuring 14-track live set filmed in Brazil in 2004, plus a collection of 8 music videos)
  11. EUROPE - The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show: Live At The Roundhouse (Blu-ray/2CD) VIZP-152 Victor, 19.07.2017 (23-track full concert video + double live album of the same contents) - also available as DVD/2CD (VIZP-153)
  12. FREDDIE NELSON - Shake The Cage IECP-10345 WHD Entertainment, 26.07.2017
  13. FREEDOM CALL - Ages Of Light 1998-2013 / Masqueraded (2CD) MICP-90103 Marquee/Avalon, 19.07.2017 (18-track compilation + bonus 6-track "Masqueraded" EP featuring Rockin' Radio (Killerbilly); Metal Invasion (Metal Folk); Mr. Evil (Melodic Reggae); Hero On Video (Speed Ska); Age Of Phoenix (Power Swing); Freedom Call (Camp Fire Strumming)
  14. GOV'T MULE - Revolution Come... Revolution Go (SHM-CD) UCCO-1183 Universal Japan, 05.07.2017
  15. HARD STUFF - Bulletproof +5 (SHM-CD) BELLE-172760 Belle Antique, 25.07.2017 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve, remaster. Bonus tracks: Hobo [Single Version]; Sinister Minister [Single Version]; Jay Time [Single Version]; The Orchestrator; Monster In Paradise [Early Mix])
  16. HARD STUFF - Bolex Dementia +2 (SHM-CD) BELLE-172761 Belle Antique, 25.07.2017 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve, remaster. Bonus tracks: Inside Your Life; (It's) How You Do It)
  17. IN THIS MOMENT - Ritual +1 WPCR-17834 Warner Music Japan, 21.07.2017 (Bonus track: Creep)
  18. KEN HENSLEY - Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf (Blu-spec CD) WSBAC-0051 Wasabi, 20.07.2017 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve, remaster)
  19. KEN HENSLEY - Eager To Please +1 (Blu-spec CD) WSBAC-0052 Wasabi, 20.07.2017 (Bonus track: Who Will Sing For You? LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve, remaster)
  20. KRYPTONITE - Kryptonite +1 MICP-11364 Marquee/Avalon, 26.07.2017 (Bonus track: Knowing Both Of Us [Acoustic Version])
  21. THE NIGHTS - The Nights +1 MICP-11365 Marquee/Avalon, 26.07.2017 (Bonus track: Hold On [Acoustic Version])
  22. NOGOD - Arlequin KICM-1784 King Records, 26.07.2017 (5-track EP by Japanese metal act)
  23. ORDEN OGAN - Gunmen +3 IUCP-16269 Spiritual Beast, 19.07.2017 (Bonus tracks: Here At The End Of The World [Live];
    Deaf Among The Blind [Live]; Fields Of Sorrow [Orchestral Version])
  24. PRONG - Zero Days +1 GQCS-90374 Ward Records, 14.07.2017 (Bonus track: Reasons To Be Fearful)
  25. PROPHESIA - Not A Story But History +1 BLRC-00098 Black-listed Records, 28.07.2017 (Bonus track: Seirei (Spirit) - 3rd album by Japanese Melodic Metal band)
  26. QUIET RIOT - Road Rage +1 KICP-1841 King Records, 26.07.2017 (Bonus track: Make A Way [Acoustic Version])
  27. RAGE - Seasons Of The Black GQCS-90384 Ward Records, 28.07.2017
  28. RAGE - Seasons Of The Black (Deluxe Edition 2CD) GQCS-90382/3 Ward Records, 28.07.2017
    (Same as above plus bonus 6-track CD featuring newly re-recorded versions of AVENGER-era songs)
  29. REX BROWN - Smoke On This... VICP-65454 Victor, 28.07.2017
  30. RINGS OF SATURN - Ultu Ulla GQCS-90392 Ward Records, 28.07.2017
  31. SHADOWSIDE - Shades Of Humanity +1 IUCP-16268 Spiritual Beast, 26.07.2017 (Bonus track: Haunted)
  32. SUPERNOVA PLASMAJETS - Supernova Plasmajets +1 GQCS-90364 Ward Records, 14.07.2017 (Bonus track: Maniac)
  33. TERRA ROSA - Live From Coda (2CD) KICS-3508 King Records, 26.07.2017 (18-track double live album by Japanese hard rock legends recorded in 2016)
  34. UNISONIC - Live In Wacken 2016 +1 (CD/DVD) MIZP-60050 Marquee/Avalon, 19.07.2017
    (Audio CD bonus track: We Rise. DVD features 6 live videos from the same show)
  35. VOLCANO - Leviathan MC-009 Metallic Core, 14.07.2017 (6th studio album by Japanese Thrash/Power Metal act)
  36. THE WINERY DOGS - Live In Santiago And  Beyond (Blu-ray/CD) IEZP-117 WHD Entertainment, 26.07.2017
    (17-track concert video, 8 music videos. Bonus 5-track "Dog Years" EP) - also available as DVD/CD (IEZP-118)
  37. WINTERSUN - Forest Seasons +1 GQCS-90399 Ward Records, 21.07.2017 (Bonus track: Loneliness (Winter) [Acoustic Version])
  38. WINTERSUN - Forest Seasons +1 / Live at Tuska Festival 2013 (LTD Edition 2CD) GQCS-90395/6 Ward Records, 21.07.2017 (Bonus 7-track live CD)
  39. WINTERSUN - Forest Seasons +1 / Instrumental Forest Seasons (2CD) GQCS-90397/8 Ward Records, 21.07.2017 (Bonus 5-track instrumental CD)
  40. WORLD TRADE - Unify +1 KICP-1852 King Records, 26.07.2017 (Bonus track: The Moment Is Here)

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