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New releases
June 2017

Artist/Title/Cat. Number/Label/Release Date

  1. ALL 4 1 - The World's Best Hope +1 MICP-11361 Marquee/Avalon, 21.06.2017 (Bonus track: Mother Don't Cry [Acoustic Version])
  2. ANATHEMA - The Optimist GQCS-90360 Ward Records, 09.06.2017
  3. ANATHEMA - The Optimist (LTD Edition CD/Blu-ray Audio) GQCS-90358/59 Ward Records, 09.06.2017 (Same as above,
    bonus Blu-ray Audio disc containing the complete album in 96 kHz / 24 bit linear PCM stereo, 5.1 channel linear PCM, DTS-HD master, Audio 5.1 channel surround sound)
  4. ANTHEM - Engraved UICN-1091 Universal Japan, 21.06.2017
  5. ANTHEM - Engraved (Deluxe Edition CD/DVD) UICN-9032 Universal Japan, 21.06.2017 (Bonus DVD "The Story Of Engraved")
  6. BAD COMPANY - Run With The Pack (Deluxe Edition) (2CD) WPCR-17759/60 Warner Music Japan, 21.06.2017 (Newly remastered classic album plus 14-track bonus CD full of rare tracks)
  7. BAD COMPANY - Burnin' Sky (Deluxe Edition) (2CD) WPCR-17761/62 Warner Music Japan, 21.06.2017 (Newly remastered classic album plus 14-track bonus CD full of rare tracks)
  8. CARACH ANGREN - Dance And Laugh Among The Rotten +1 GQCS-90347 Ward Records, 16.06.2017 (Bonus track: Charles Francis Coghlan [Orchestra Version])
  9. CELLAR DARLING - This Is The Sound +3 GQCS-90362 Ward Records, 30.06.2017 (Bonus tracks: The Cold Song; Mad World; The Prophet's Song )
  10. CHEAP TRICK - We're All Alright! +2 (SHM-CD) POCS-24012 Universal Japan, 16.06.2017 (Bonus tracks: When I Wake Up Tomorrow [Live]; The In Crowd [Live])
  11. CONFESS - Haunters +2 IUCP-16267 Spiritual Beast, 21.06.2017 (Bonus tracks: Exit Light [Single Version]; Awake [Single Version])
  12. DGM - Passing Stages +1 (DVD/2CD) MIZF-70027 Marquee/Avalon, 21.06.2017 (Live DVD featuring two concert videos - "Live in Milan" (10 tracks) and "Live in Atlanta" (12 tracks) - as well as double live CD with the same recordings in audio. Bonus track on "Live in Atlanta" CD: Hereafter)
  13. EZOO - Feeding The Beast +1 GQCS-90371 Ward Records, 23.06.2017 (Bonus track: Coda. New studio album by Dario Mollo and Graham Bonnet's project)
  14. FATE GEAR - Oz -Rebellion- SSRF-01 Steam Steel Records, 21.06.2017 (2nd album by Japanese Melodic Speed Metal act)
  15. FOREIGNER - 40: Forty Hits From Forty Years (2SHM-CD) WPCR-17763/64 Warner Music Japan, 21.06.2017 (Double disc, 40-track compilation includes two brand new tracks)
  16. GHOST BATH - Starmourner GQCS-90351 Ward Records, 09.06.2017
  17. GHOST BATH - Starmourner (LTD Edition CD/DVD) GQCS-90349-50 Ward Records, 09.06.2017 (Bonus live DVD)
  18. GRAHAM BONNET BAND - Live ... Here Comes The Night: Frontiers Rock Festival 2016 +1 GQCS-90369 Ward Records, 02.06.2017 (Bonus track: Love's No Friend) - also available as DVD/CD (GQBS-90303/4), DVD (GQBS-90305), Blu-Ray (GQXS-90271)
  19. HANSEN & FRIENDS - Thank You Wacken: Live At Wacken Open Air 2016 +1 GQCS-90367 Ward Records, 17.05.2017 (Bonus track: Stranger In Time [Feat. Frank Beck] - also available as DVD (GQBGS-90302), DVD/CD (GQBS-90300/1), Blu-Ray (GQXS-90268), Blu-Ray/CD (GQXS-90266/7, Bonus studio tracks on Blu-Ray: Enemies of Fun (feat. Ralph Scheepers); Contract Song (feat. Dee Snyder); Stranger In Time (feat. Michael Kiske); Enemies of Fun (feat. Pete Sealck)
  20. ICED EARTH - Incorruptible MICP-11362 Marquee/Avalon, 28.06.2017
  21. JORN - Life On Death Road +1 MICP-11359 Marquee/Avalon, 21.06.2017 (Bonus track: The Optimist [Acoustic Version])
  22. LIONHEART - Second Nature +1 KICP-1854 King Records, 21.06.2017 (Bonus track: Paperback Writer)
  23. MERRIMACK - Omegaphilia GQCS-90346 Ward Records, 09.06.2017
  24. MISS MAY I - Shadows Inside GQCS-90354 Ward Records, 02.06.2017
  25. MR. BIG - Defying Gravity IECP-10344 WHD Entertainment, 21.06.2017
  26. MR. BIG - Defying Gravity (Special Edition CD/DVD) IEZP-119 WHD Entertainment, 21.06.2017 (Bonus DVD feat. "Making Of Defying Gravity" documentary plus two music videos)
  27. MUNICIPAL WASTE - Slime And Punishment  +1 GQCS-90345 Ward Records, 23.06.2017 (Bonus track: Skeletonized)
  28. NICKELBACK - Feed The Machine WPCR-17723 Warner Music Japan, 16.06.2017
  29. PRISTINE - Ninja +2 GQCS-90361 Ward Records, 23.06.2017 (Bonus tracks: California [Live]; No Regret [Live])
  30. RADIATION ROMEOS - Radiation Romeos +1 MICP-11360 Marquee/Avalon, 21.06.2017 (Bonus track: Like An Arrow [Acoustic Version])
  31. RANCID - Trouble Maker +3 WPCR-17728 Warner Music Japan, 09.06.2017 (Bonus tracks: We Arrived Right On Time; Go On Rise Up; Never Forget Us)
  32. RANCID - Rancid WPCR-17824 Warner Music Japan, 09.06.2017 (Reissue)
  33. RANCID - Let's Go WPCR-17825 Warner Music Japan, 09.06.2017 (Reissue)
  34. RANCID - ...And Out Come The Wolves +2 WPCR-17826 Warner Music Japan, 09.06.2017 (Reissue. Bonus tracks: Blast 'em; That's Entertainment)
  35. RANCID - Life Won't Wait +1 WPCR-17827 Warner Music Japan, 09.06.2017 (Reissue. Bonus track: Things To Come)
  36. RANCID - Rancid (V) +1 WPCR-17828 Warner Music Japan, 09.06.2017 (Reissue. Bonus track: Sick Sick World)
  37. RANCID - Indestructible +1 WPCR-17829 Warner Music Japan, 09.06.2017 (Reissue. Bonus track: Killing Zone)
  38. RANCID - Let The Dominoes Fall +1 WPCR-17830 Warner Music Japan, 09.06.2017 (Reissue. Bonus track: Outgunned [Electric Version])
  39. RANCID - Honor Is All We Know +4 WPCR-17831 Warner Music Japan, 09.06.2017 (Bonus tracks: Breakdown; Something To Believe In A World Gone Mad; Turn In Your Badge; Rancid's Barmy Army)
  40. RIVERDOGS - California +1 GQCS-90368 Ward Records, 23.06.2017 (Bonus track: When The Mic Drops)
  41. ROYAL BLOOD - How Did We Get So Dark? WPCR-17765 Warner Music Japan, 16.06.2017
  42. SECRET SPHERE - The Nature Of Time +1 KICP-1853 King Records, 21.06.2017 (Bonus track: Kindness [Orchestral Version])
  43. SIGNUM REGIS - Decennium Prinum +2 RBNCD-1234 Rubicon, 21.06.2017 (Bonus tracks: Through The Desert [Live]; Come And Take It [Live])
  44. SIN ISOMER - Burst Into Isomer KICS-3493 King Records, 28.06.2017 (Debut album by Japanese heavy metal band)
  45. STARMOURNER - Ghost Bath GQCS-90351 Ward Records, 09.06.2017
  46. STARMOURNER - Ghost Bath (LTD Edition CD/DVD) GQCS-90349/50 Ward Records, 09.06.2017 (Bonus DVD feat. 3 live tracks recorded on February 24, 2017 in Fargo, North Dakota)
  47. STONE SOUR - Hydrograd +2 WPCR-17803 Warner Music Japan, 30.06.2017 (Bonus tracks: Burn One Turn One; Unchained)
  48. TAINTED LADY - How The Mighty Have Fallen BKMY-1052 Bickee Music, 2106.2017 (Import CD repackaged in Japan) 
  49. TANKARD - One Foot In The Grave GQCS-90357 Ward Records, 02.06.2017
  50. TANKARD - One Foot In The Grave (LTD Edition 2CD) GQCS-90355-56 Ward Records, 02.06.2017 (Bonus live disc recorded at "Rock Hard Festival" in 2016)
  51. TAZ TAYLOR BAND - Pressure & Time RBNCD-1233 Rubicon, 21.06.2017
  52. TEN - Gothica +1 MICP-11358 Marquee/Avalon, 21.06.2017 (Bonus track: Paragon [Remix])
  53. UNLEASH THE ARCHERS - Apex +1 IUCP-16266 Spiritual Beast, 14.06.2017 (Bonus track: Queen Of The Reich))
  54. WEDNESDAY 13 - Condolences GQCS-90348 Ward Records, 02.06.2017
  55. XTASY - Second Chance +2 ASCM-1704 AnderStein Music, 16.06.2017 (Bonus track: You; How Much Love)

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