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New releases
May 2017

Artist/Title/Cat. Number/Label/Release Date

  1. ALESTORM - No Grave But The Sea +1 (Deluxe Edition 2CD) RBNCD-1232 Rubicon, 31.05.2017 (Bonus track: Pirate Pizza Party; bonus 10-track CD of "For The Dogs" version of the album)
  2. ALICE COOPER - Greatest Hits (SHM-CD) WPCR-26228 Warner Music Japan, 31.05.2017
  3. ALICE IN HELL - The Fall  BLRC-00097 Blacklisted Records, 26.05.2017 (2nd album from Tokyo-based thrash metal outfit)
  4. ALL BUT ONE - Square One BKMY-1049 Bickee Music, 24.05.2017 (Import CD repackaged in Japan) 
  5. ALL THAT REMAINS - Madness +1 GQCS-90335 Ward Records, 05.05.2017 (Bonus track: The Thunder Rolls)
  6. ART NATION - Liberation +1 MICP-11351 Marquee/Avalon, 10.05.2017 (Bonus track: Walk My Own Way)
  7. AVATARIUM - Hurricanes And Halos GQCS-90336 Ward Records, 26.05.2017
  8. CARPE DIEM - En Regardant Passer Le Temps +1 BELLE-172720 Belle Antique, 25.04.2017 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve SHM-CD)
  9. CARPE DIEM - Cueille Le Jour +2 BELLE-172721 Belle Antique, 25.04.2017 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve SHM-CD)
  10. CHONTARAZ - Rondamauh BKMY-1051 Bickee Music, 24.05.2017 (Import CD repackaged in Japan) 
  11. THE DEAD DAISIES - Live And Louder (LTD Edition CD/DVD) GQCS-90329/30 Ward Records, 10.05.2017 (16-track live album plus bonus CD feat. "Live & Louder" documentary, music videos for "Song And A Player", "Join Together", "Long Way To Go", "Make Some Noise" and more)
  12. THE DEAD DAISIES - Live And Louder GQCS-90331 Ward Records, 10.05.2017 (16-track live album)
  13. THE DEAD DAISIES - Revolucion GQCS-90332 Ward Records, 10.05.2017
  14. THE DEAD DAISIES - The Dead Daisies GQCS-90333 Ward Records, 10.05.2017
  15. DOKKEN - The Very Best Of Dokken (SHM-CD) WPCR-26249 Warner Music Japan, 31.05.2017
  16. DRAGONFORCE - Reaching Into Infinity +1 WPCR-11718 Warner Music Japan, 17.05.2017 (Bonus track: Gloria)
  17. DRAGONFORCE - Reaching Into Infinity +3 (LTD Edition SHM-CD/DVD) WPZR-30755 Warner Music Japan, 17.05.2017 (Bonus tracks: Hatred and Revenge; Evil Dead; Gloria. Bonus DVD featuring music videos for "Holding On"; "Heroes of Our Time"; "Operation Ground and Pound" both in standard and multi-angled versions)
  18. DREAM EVIL - Siks +4 KICP-1849 King Records, 24.05.2017 (Bonus tracks: Under Attack; Nowhere To Run; Conquer The Power; Crush It)
  19. EMBER FALLS - Welcome To The Ember Falls +1 MICP-11355 Marquee/Avalon, 24.05.2017 (Bonus track: Mirage)
  20. THE FERRYMEN - The Ferrymen +1 GQCS-90343 Ward Records, 26.05.2017 (Bonus track: One Heart [Acoustic Version])
  21. FOREIGNER - The Definitive Foreigner (SHM-CD) WPCR-26222 Warner Music Japan, 31.05.2017
  22. FULL OF HELL - Trumpeting Ecstasy +3 DYMC-281 Daymare Recordings, 10.05.2017 (Bonus tracks: TBA)
  23. HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT - Realize RADC-095 Radtone Music, 17.05.2017
  24. HIRO - Gale GQCS-30001 Ward Records, 01.05.2017 (Debut solo album by LA'CRYMA CHRISTI's guitarist)
  25. INGLORIOUS - Inglorious II +1 (CD/DVD) KIZC-384/5 King Records, 10.05.2017 (Bonus track: Making Me Pay [Acoustic Version]; bonus DVD featuring 7 "Live At Donington" videos, music videos for "Taking The Blame" and "I Don't Need Your Loving", and more)
  26. JESSIE GALANTE - The Show Must Go On +1 ASCM-1704 AnderStein Music, 12.05.2017 (Bonus track: Sting Like A Bee)
  27. KAATO - Kaato +2 RBNCD-1230 Rubicon, 12.04.2017 (Import CD repackaged in Japan. Exclusive bonus 2-track single on CD-R added to the first 500 copies)
  28. KOBRA AND THE LOTUS - Prevail +1 GQCS-90334 Ward Records, 10.05.2017 (Bonus track: The Chain)
  29. MARK SLAUGHTER - Halfway There +1 (SHM-CD) UICY-15603 Universal Japan, 10.05.2017 (Bonus track: Arms Full Of Empty)
  30. MEAN STREAK - Blind Faith +1 MICP-11347 Marquee/Avalon, 31.05.2017 (Bonus track: Smile Of A Clown)
  31. MEGADETH - Dystopia +6 (Deluxe Edition SHM-CD/DVD) UICY-15595 Universal Japan, 10.05.2017
    (Bonus tracks: Look Who's Talking; Last Dying Wish; Me Hate You, plus live bonus tracks recorded  live in Detroit on October 9, 2016: The Threat Is Real; Poisonous Shadows; Dystopia. Bonus DVD featuring 3 live videos recorded on June 19, 2016 at the Hellfest Festival: The Threat Is Real; Tornado Of Souls; Dystopia)
  32. MOTIONLESS IN WHITE - Graveyard's Shift +1 WPCR-17639 Warner Music Japan, 10.05.2017 (Bonus track: Eternally Yours [Ricky Horror Acoustic Version])
  33. NORDWITCH - Mork Profeti +2 IUCP-16264 Spiritual Beast, 17.05.2017 (Bonus tracks: Arising Of Nocturnal Fog; Darknet Storm)
  34. PANTERA - The Best Of Pantera: Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits! (SHM-CD) WPCR-26214 Warner Music Japan, 31.05.2017
  35. PAPA ROACH - Crooked Teeth +3 GQCS-90339 Ward Records, 17.05.2017 (Bonus tracks: Ricochet; Nothing; Bleeding Through)
  36. PAPA ROACH - Crooked Teeth +3 /  Live at Fillmore Detroit (LTD Edition 2CD) GQCS-90337/38 Ward Records, 17.05.2017 (Same as above plus bonus 16-track live CD)
  37. PHENOMENA - Phenomena +5 WSBAC-0045 Wasabi Records, 17.05.2017 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve, 2017 remaster)
  38. PHENOMENA - Phenomena II: Dream Runner +2 WSBAC-0046 Wasabi Records, 17.05.2017 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve, 2017 remaster)
  39. PHENOMENA - Phenomena III: Innervision +2 WSBAC-0047 Wasabi Records, 17.05.2017 (LTD Edition Mini-LP sleeve, 2017 remaster)
  40. PRIMAL FEAR - Angels Of Mercy: Live In Germany +1 GQCS-90344 Ward Records, 26.05.2017 (Bonus track: Chainbreaker [Live at Masters of Rock])
    (16-track live show recorded during 2016 World Tour) - also available as Blu-Ray/CD (GQXS-90263/4); DVD/CD (GQBS-90297/8); Blu-Ray (GQXS-90265); DVD (GQBS-90299)
  41. THE RAMONES - Greatest Hits (SHM-CD) WPCR-26231 Warner Music Japan, 31.05.2017
  42. RHAPSODY OF FIRE - Legendary Years +1 KICP-1850 King Records, 24.05.2017 (Self-cover album feat. 15 of the band's best tracks re-recorded. Bonus track: Where Dragons Fly)
  43. RITCHIE BLAKMORE'S RAINBOW - Live In Birmingham 2016 (2CD) GQCS-90352/53 Ward Records, 31.05.2017 (15-track double live album recorded on June 25 in Birmingham, UK)
  44. ROCKETT LOVE - Grab The Rocket +1 ASCM-1705 AnderStein Music, 26.05.2017 (Bonus track: Rockett Love [Beau Hill Mix])
  45. ROYAL HUNT - Live 2016: 25th Anniversary +1 (2CD) KICP-1846 King Records, 10.05.2017 (Bonus track: Freeway Jam [Official Bootleg])
  46. ROYAL HUNT - Live 2016: 25th Anniversary (DVD) KIXM-278 King Records, 10.05.2017 (Full video 14-track live show recorded in Moscow, Russia)
  47. ROYAL HUNT - Live 2016: 25th Anniversary (Blu-ray) KIBM-650 King Records, 10.05.2017 (Full video 14-track live show recorded in Moscow, Russia)
  48. SEA - The Grip Of Time BKMY-1050 Bickee Music, 24.05.2017 (Import CD repackaged in Japan) 
  49. SEVEN KINGDOMS - Decennium +4 RBNCD-1231 Rubicon, 31.05.2017 (Bonus tracks: In The Walls; Undying (both are EP Versions); The Bloody Meadow; Stormborn (both re-recorded)
  50. SHADOWMAN - Secrets And Lies MICP-11357 Marquee/Avalon, 24.05.2017
  51. SIKTH - The Future In Whose Eyes? +1 VICP-65452 Victor, 31.05.2017 (Bonus track: When It Rains In Summer)
  52. SOLSTAFIR - Berdreyminn GQCS-90342 Ward Records, 26.05.2017
  53. SOLSTAFIR - Berdreyminn (LTD Edition CD/DVD) GQCS-90340/41 Ward Records, 26.05.2017 (Bonus DVD feat. 6 live tracks recorded on September 1, 2015 at Rock of Chaos Vol.2)
  54. SNAKECHARMER - Second Skin +1 MICP-11354 Marquee/Avalon, 24.05.2017 (Bonus track: On My Way)
  55. TERRIFIER - Weapons Of Thrash Destruction +2 IUCP-16265 Spiritual Beast, 24.05.2017 (Bonus tracks: Metal Or Death; Infernal Overdrive)
  56. VAN HALEN - Best Of Volume 1 (SHM-CD) WPCR-26202 Warner Music Japan, 31.05.2017
  57. VESCERA - Beyond The Fight +2 KICP-1848 King Records, 24.05.2017 (Bonus tracks: Soldier Of Fortune; Seventh Sign/Crash And Burn)
  58. WARRANT - Louder, Harder, Faster +1 KICP-1851 King Records, 24.05.2017 (Bonus track: Stop The World)
  59. WATCHTOWER - Concepts Of Math: Book One MICP-11352 Marquee/Avalon, 24.05.2017
  60. ZZ TOP - Greatest Hits (SHM-CD) WPCR-26220 Warner Music Japan, 31.05.2017

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