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New releases
February 2017

Artist/Title/Cat. Number/Label/Release Date

  1. ASIA - Symfonia: Live in Bulgaria 2013 +1 (2CD) GQCS-90278-9 Ward Records, 10.02.2017 (Double live album. Bonus track: Valkyrie [Live at The Canyon Club, 19.10.2014])  - also available as Blu-Ray/2CD (GQXS-90226-8), DVD/2CD (GQBS-90251-3, Blu-ray (GQCX-90229), DVD (GQBS-90254) 
  2. ATTICK DEMONS - Let's Raise Hell +1 RBNCD-1222 Rubicon, 15.02.2017 (Bonus track: Thank You)
  3. BATTLE BEAST - Bringer Of Pain +4 GQCS-90303 Ward Records, 17.02.2017 (Bonus tracks: God of War; The Eclipse; Rock Trash; Far From Heaven [Acoustic Version])
  4. BLACK STAR RIDERS - Heavy Fire +1 MICP-11336 Marquee/Avalon, 22.02.2017 (Mini-LP sleeve. Bonus track: Fade)
  5. BLOODBOUND - War Of Dragons +1 MICP-11337 Marquee/Avalon, 22.02.2017 (Bonus track: The Dark Side Of Life [Demo])
  6. CELLADOR - Off The Grid +1 KICP-1835 King Records, 22.02.2017 (Bonus track: Faceless Dark)
  7. COFFEINNE - Circle Of Time BKMY-1043 Bickee Music, 22.02.2017 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  8. DYNAZTY - Bring The Thunder +1 MICP-11330 Marquee/Avalon, 01.02.2017 (Bonus track: Sail Away)
  9. ELECTRIC GUITARS - Rock 'n' Roll Radio BKMY-1044 Bickee Music, 22.02.2017 (Import CD repackaged in Japan)
  10. FANKAZ - Seities BITX-1059 Wormhole Death Japan, 22.02.2017
  11. IMMOLATION - Atonement +1 GQCS-90301 Ward Records, 24.02.2017 (Bonus track: Immolation)
  12. JIM JIDHEAD - Push On Through +1 RBNCD-1225 Rubicon, 22.02.2017 (Bonus track: Rihanna)
  13. JUDAS PRIEST - Turbo (30th Anniversary Edition) (3CD) SICP 5167-9 Sony Japan, 01.02.2017 (Newly remastered classic album, plus
    20-track "Live at the Kemper Arena, Kansas City, 22.05.1986" double disc, exclusive photo book/photo booklet)
  14. LEATHER HEART - Comeback +1 IUCP-16258 Spiritual Beast, 15.02.2017 (Bonus track: Don't You Go [Live in Studio])
  15. LIONVILLE - A World Of Fools +1 KICP-1833 King Records, 22.02.2017 (Bonus track: Heaven Is Right Here [Acoustic Version])
  16. MASQUERA DI FERRO - Stalactites BITX-1061 Wormhole Death Japan, 22.02.2017
  17. MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST - Live Tokyo (2 Blu-spec CD) KICP-1826-7 King Records, 22.02.2017 (Double live album featuring Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet and Robin McAuley. Recorded in August 2016, Tokyo International Forum Hall A) - video version is available on Blu-Ray (KIXM-263) and DVD (KIBM-625)
  18. MITCH MALLOY - Making Noise +1 RBNCD-1224 Rubicon, 22.02.2017 (Bonus track: Say I Love You)
  19. MY DYNAMITE - Otherside +2 GQCS-90302 Ward Records, 17.02.2017 (Bonus tracks: In the Middle; If We're Livin' [Live in Melbourne 2013])
  20. ONCE HUMAN - Evolution +1 GQCS-90304 Ward Records, 17.02.2017 (Bonus track: Davidian)
  21. OUTRAGE - XXX Box (2CD/DVD) UICN-9031 Universal Japan, 15.02.2017 (Japanese heavy metal legends 30th Anniversary compilation, 30 tracks including 3 new songs. 60-page book/special manga, bonus DVD featuring rare live footage, documentary, interview and more)
  22. OVERKILL - The Grinding Wheel +2 GQCS-90285 Ward Records, 10.02.2017 (Bonus tracks: Emerald; Sanctuary)
  23. OVERKILL - The Grinding Wheel +2 (LTD Edition CD/DVD) GQCS-90283/4 Ward Records, 10.02.2017 (Bonus DVD "Live At Thrash Domination 2015")
  24. PAIN OF SALVATION - In The Passing Light Of Day (2CD) MICP-90101 Marquee/Avalon, 22.02.2017 (Bonus CD contains 14 demo versions and session outtakes)
  25. PIMEA METSA - No Blood, No Glory BITX-1060 Wormhole Death Japan, 22.02.2017
  26. PLACE VENDOME - Close To The Sun +1 MICP-11333 Marquee/Avalon, 08.02.2017 (Bonus track: Strong [Orchestral Version])
  27. POWERTRIP - Nightmare Logic DYMC-274 Daymare Records, 22.02.2017
  28. SERENITY IN MURDER - The Eclipse OYBR-002 Oyster Brothers, 08.02.2017 (2nd full length album by Japanese Symphonic Melodic Death Metal act)
  29. THE STRUTS - Everybody Wants +5 UICS-1321 Universal Japan, 03.02.2017 (Bonus tracks: Put Your Hands Up; My Machine;
    We Will Rock You; Kiss This [Acoustic Version]; Could Have Been Me [Live from Summer Sonic 2016])
  30. SUICIDE SILENCE - Suicide Silence GQCS-90305 Ward Records, 24.02.2017
  31. THEM - Sweet Hollow +3 IUCP-16259 Spiritual Beast, 22.02.2017 (Bonus tracks: Rebirth [Alternate Version];
    Forever Burns [Demo Version]; Dead Of Night [Demo Version])
  32. THUNDER - Rip It Up GQCS-90300 Ward Records, 10.02.2017
  33. THUNDER - Rip It Up (LTD Edition 3CD) GQCS-90297-9 Ward Records, 10.02.2017
    (Bonus 14-track live 2CD recorded on January 27, 2016 at the 100 Club, London, England)
  34. THUNDER - Rip It Up (Deluxe Edition Edition 4CD) GQCS-90293-6 Ward Records, 10.02.2017 (Same as above, plus bonus 4-track "Broken Mirror" EP CD)
  35. TOKYO MOTOR FIST - T.M.F. +1 KICP-1832 King Records, 22.02.2017 (Bonus track: Don't Let Me Go [Acoustic Version])
  36. UNRULY CHILD - Can't Go Home +1 KICP-1831 King Records, 22.02.2017 (Bonus track: She Can't Go Home [Acoustic Version])
  37. VORCHAOS - Vorchaos KICS-3458 King Records, 22.02.2017 (3rd studio album by Japanese heavy metal band)
  38. YASRU - Borubay BITX-1058 Wormhole Death Japan, 22.02.2017

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