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New releases
October 2016

Artist/Title/Cat. Number/Label/Release Date

  1. ALTER BRIDGE - The Last Hero +2 VICP-65422 Victor, 19.10.2016 (Bonus tracks: Last Of Our Kind; Show Me A Leader [Edit])
  2. ALQUIMIA - Alquimia +1 RBNCD-1218 Rubicon, 05.10.2016 (Bonus track: Divina Providencia [Acoustic Version])
  3. ALQUIMIA - Espiritual +1 RBNCD-1219 Rubicon, 05.10.2016 (Bonus track: Espiritual [Acoustic Version])
  4. AMARANTHE - Maximalism +3 (SHM-CD) UICN-1088 Universal Japan, 19.10.2016 (Live in London 2014 bonus tracks: Burn With Me; One Million Lightyears; Leave Everything Behind)
  5. AMARANTHE - Maximalism +3 (Deluxe Edition SHM-CD/DVD) UICN-9030 Universal Japan, 19.10.2016 (bonus tracks same as above + bonus DVD "Story Of Maximalism")
  6. THE ANSWER - Solas +3 GQCS-90234 Ward Records, 26.10.2016 (Bonus tracks: In This Land [Acoustic]; Light In Darkness [Demo]; Money)
  7. ARMAGEDDON - Crossing The Rubicon Revisited +1 QATE-10089 Trooper, 05.10.2016 (Bonus track: Forbidden Zone [Instrumental])
  8. AVENGED SEVENFOLD - The Stage UICC-10031 Universal Japan, 28.10.2016
  9. BON JOVI - This House Is Not For Sale +6 UICL-1134 Universal Japan, 21.10.2016
    (Bonus tracks: Real Love; All Hail the King; We Don't Run; I Will Drive You Home; Goodnight New York; Touch of Gray)
  10. BON JOVI - This House Is Not For Sale +6 (Deluxe Edition SHM-CD/DVD) UICL-9112 Universal Japan, 21.10.2016
    (Bonus tracks same as above, bonus DVD feat. music video for the title track, "Making Of This House..." documentary and interview with the band)
  11. D-METAL STARS - Metal Disney AVCW-63170 Disney Records/Avex, 05.10.2016 (Project by Mike Vescera, John Bruno, Rudy Sarzo and B.J. Zampa)
  12. THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN - Dissociation +1 OTCD-5810 Octave, 14.10.2016 (Bonus track: Limerent Death [Instrumental])
  13. EDEN'S CURSE - Cardinal +1 IUCP-16250 Spiritual Beast, 12.10.2016 (Bonus track: Man Against The World)
  14. FRANCIS DUNNERY - Vampires +1 (2UHQ-CD) KICP-1799/800 King Records, 05.10.2016 (Bonus track: Kiss Like Judas)
  15. FRANCIS DUNNERY - Return To The Wild Country +2 (UHQ-CD) KICP-1801 King Records, 05.10.2016 (Bonus tracks: The Mather And Father Of Love; Peace Of Our Time)
  16. FRANCIS DUNNERY - Frankenstein Monster (UHQ-CD) KICP-1802 King Records, 05.10.2016
  17. GLENN HUGHES - Resonate +2 (LTD Edition CD/DVD) GQCS-90243/4 Ward Records, 28.10.2016 (Bonus tracks: Nothing's The Same; When I Fall [Acoustic Remix];
    bonus DVD feat. 3 music videos (Heavy; Let It Shine; Long Time Gone), and "Making of Resonate" documentary)
  18. GLENN HUGHES - Resonate +1 GQCS-90245 Ward Records, 28.10.2016 (Bonus track: When I Fall [Acoustic Remix])
  19. GRAHAM BONNET BAND - The Book +1 / Re-Recorded Classics (2CD) GQCS-90241/2 Ward Records, 28.10.2016 (Bonus track: The Dance [Acoustic Version].
    11-track brand new studio album + 16-track bonus CD feat. newly recorded tracks from Graham Bonnet's RAINBOW and MSG years)
  20. GREEN DAY - Revolution Radio +1 WPCR-17515 Warner Music Japan, 07.10.2016 (Bonus track: Letterbomb [Live])
  21. HARDLINE - Human Nature +1 MICP-11320 Marquee/Avalon, 05.10.2016 (Bonus track: Take You Home [Orchestral Version])
  22. HERMAN FRANK - The Devil Rides Out +1 KICP-1816 King Records, 26.10.2016 (Bonus track: Forever)
  23. KEE MARCELLO - Scaling Up +1 KICP-1804 King Records, 05.10.2016 (Bonus track: Here Comes The Night [Live])
  24. KEIKO TERADA - Piece Of My Heart UICZ-4363 Universal Japan, 19.10.2016 (New solo album from SHOW-YA vocalist)
  25. KORN - The Serenity Of Suffering WPCR-17459 Warner Music Japan, 21.10.2016
  26. LORDI - Monstereophonic (Theaterror Vs. Demonarchy) KICP-1819 King Records, 26.10.2016
  27. MARILLION - Fear GQCS-90227 Ward Records, 05.10.2016
  28. MARY'S BLOOD - Fate VICL-64665 Victor, 26.10.2016 (3rd full length studio album by J-Metal all-girl band)
  29. MESHUGGAH - The Violent Sleep Of Reason MICP-11313 Marquee/Avalon, 05.10.2016
  30. MICHAEL SWEET - One Sided War +2 MICP-11283 Marquee/Avalon, 19.10.2016 (Bonus tracks: Can't Take This Life [Feat. Moriah Formica]; Not To Be)
  31. MOTLEY CRUE - The End: Last Live In Los Angeles (DVD/CD) GQBS-90205/6 Ward Records, 21.10.2016 (Live show recorded on December 31, 2015 in LA., 19-tracks DVD + 16-track CD)
    - also available as Blu-ray/CD set GQXS-90180/1, DVD GQBS-90207, Blu-ray GQXS-90182, DVD/CD/Documentary DVD GQBS-90202/4, Blu-ray/CD/Documentary Blu-ray GQXS-90177/9
  32. NARNIA - Narnia +1 KICP-1812 King Records, 26.10.2016 (Bonus track: Miracle)
  33. NIVA - Atmospherical +1 MICP-11322 Marquee/Avalon, 19.10.2016 (Bonus tracks: Long Road To Hell And Back)
  34. PRETTY MAIDS - Kingmaker +1 GQCS-90228 Ward Records, 21.10.2016 (Bonus track: Humanize Me [Extended Version])
  35. QUEEN - On Air: The Complete BBC Sessions (2SHM-CD) UICY-15584 Universal Japan, 26.10.2016 (2CD set)
  36. ROTH BROCK PROJECT - Roth Brock Project +1 KICP-1818 King Records, 26.10.2016 (Bonus track: Distant Voices [Acoustic Version])
  37. SAMMY HAGAR - Nine On A Ten Scale +1 (SHM-CD) UICY-77915 Universal, 26.10.2016 (LTD Edition Mini LP sleeve, remaster, bonus track: Flamingos Fly [Single Version])
  38. SAMMY HAGAR - Sammy Hagar +2 (SHM-CD) UICY-77916 Universal, 26.10.2016 (LTD Edition Mini LP sleeve, remaster, bonus tracks (single versions): Cruisin' & Boozin'; Catch The Wind)
  39. SAMMY HAGAR - Musical Chairs +1 (SHM-CD) UICY-77917 Universal, 26.10.2016 (LTD Edition Mini LP sleeve, remaster, bonus track: You Make Me Crazy [Single Version])
  40. SAMMY HAGAR - All Night Long +1 (SHM-CD) UICY-77918 Universal, 26.10.2016 (LTD Edition Mini LP sleeve, remaster, bonus track: Space Station No.5 [Live])
  41. SAMMY HAGAR - Street Machine +2 (SHM-CD) UICY-77919 Universal, 26.10.2016 (LTD Edition Mini LP sleeve, remaster,
    bonus tracks: (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay; I've Done Everything For You)
  42. SAMMY HAGAR - Danger Zone +1 (SHM-CD) UICY-77920 Universal, 26.10.2016 (LTD Edition Mini LP sleeve, remaster, bonus track: Heartbeat [Single Version])
  43. SCARRED - Gaia/Medea +2 HWCY-1353 Howling Bull, 26.10.2016 (Bonus tracks: The Outcast; Bittersweet)
  44. SCHÖNBERG - Another Veiled Story BLRC-00093 Black-listed Records, 28.10.2016 (2nd album by Japanese symphonic metal act)
  45. SECRET SPHERE - One Night In Tokyo +2 (Deluxe Edition 2CD/DVD) KIZC-364 King Records, 12.10.2016 (Double live album recorded in January 2015 in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.
    Bonus audio tracks: Detroit Rock City [Live]; Lie To Me [Feat. Anette Olzon]. 18-track 2CD + 16-track full concert video on DVD)
  46. SEIKIMA II - Live Black Mess Budokan (2CD) BVCL-756-7 Sony Japan, 26.10.2016 (Double live album recorded on February 19-20, 2016 at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan)
  47. SERIOUS BLACK - Mirrorworld +6 IUCP-16249 Spiritual Beast, 05.10.2016 (Bonus tracks: Emotional Blackmail; The Life That You Want;
    This Machine Is Broken; Hello Moon; Goodbye My Angel; Irreverence And Pride)
  48. SEVENTH WONDER - Welcome To Atlanta: Live 2014 +3 (2CD) KICP-1808/9 King Records, 05.10.2016 (25-track double live set.
    Bonus tracks: Inner Enemy [Studio Version]; The Promise [Studio Version]; InnerEnemy [Live Encore])
  49. SEVENTH WONDER - Welcome To Atlanta: Live 2014 (2DVD) KIBM-603/4 King Records, 05.10.2016 (22-track double live DVD)
  50. SONATA ARCTICA - The Ninth Hour +1 MICP-11314 Marquee/Avalon, 05.10.2016 (Bonus track: The Elephant)
  51. SUM 41 - 13 Voices +6 EKRM-1348 Kick Rock Invasion, 08.10.2016 (Bonus tracks: War [Feat. Taka of One OK Rock];
    Better Days; Black Eyes; War [Acoustic]; Breaking The Chain [Acoustic]; Radio Radio)
  52. STYX - Live At The Orleans Arena Las Vegas (SHM-CD) UICY-15583 Universal Japan, 05.10.2016 (Live show recorded on July 25, 2014 in Las Vegas, 12-tracks)
    - also available as Blu-ray/SHM-CD set UIXY-75002, DVD/SHM-CD set UIBY-75039
  53. TESTAMENT - Brotherhood Of The Snake +2 GQCS-90231 Ward Records, 28.10.2016 (Bonus tracks: Apocalyptic City [Re-Recorded Version]; Brotherhood Of The Snake [Alternative Mix])
  54. TO THE RATS AND WOLVES - Dethroned +2 GQCS-90230 Ward Records, 14.10.2016 (Bonus tracks: Endless Fall; Devils Without Horns)
  55. TWISTED SISTER - The Best Of The AtlanticYears (SHM-CD) WPCR-17426 Warner Music Japan, 26.10.2016 (19-track compilation featuring previously unreleased "Born To be Wild")
  56. TYGERS OF PAN TANG - Tygers Of Pan Tang BKMY-1035 Bickee Music, 26.10.2016 (New studio album. Imported disc repackaged in Japan)
  57. TYKETTO - Reach +1 MICP-11317 Marquee/Avalon, 05.10.2016 (Bonus track: Letting Go [Alternate Version])

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