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1. B.B. & THE SCREAMING BUDDAH HEADS - Are You Satisfied?
2. TOUR DE FORCE - World On Fire +1
3. HOUSE OF LORDS - Demons Down
4. LION - Dangerous Attraction +1
5. THE SNAKES - Once Bitten... +2
6. JACKAL - A Safe Look In Mirrors
7. WHITE WOLF - Endangered Species
8. LIONSHEART - Lionsheart +1
9. AEROSMITH - Nine Lives +2
10. TYKETTO - Shine
11. CINDERELLA - Still Climbing
12. GLORY - Crisis Vs. Crisis

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New York's premier independent Metal Record Label, home of 220 Volt, Further Lo, Pantheon 1... A must visit!   

ROCK REPORT - Bringing melody to the masses

Rock Report - No.1 melodic rock information portal from Belgium. Their Melodic Rock Bible is a must! 

Leading Finnish melodic rock portal. Tons of useful information - in English! News, reviews, mp3 samples...   

Whether you call it hard rock, heavy metal, cock rock, hair metal, melodic rock, pop-metal, 
AOR, glam or sleaze, this is the place to find out what became of your favorite 80's rock bands.   




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1.   CROWN OF THORNS - Crown Of Thorns
2.   SAHARA - Going Crazy +2

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